Why Do Companies Need Technical Managed Services for JDE?

Why would companies need to utilize Managed Services for JD Edwards production support?   To answer that question, we need to look at the playing field for IT organizations tasked with maintaining the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software.

Most companies are not in the business of maintaining systems

Most companies only choose to spend time managing IT systems because they lack attractive alternatives. JDE, much like many other IT systems, requires routine care and feeding, which is time consuming and not related to the company’s business goals.

Competent JDE EnterpriseOne System Administrators (CNCs) are expensive and hard to find

Many organizations spend a fair amount of time locating, hiring, and training EnterpriseOne System Administrators (CNCs) to manage their E1 implementation and troubleshoot issues.  The consultant with this highly desirable skillset can be hard to find and unless the person doing the hiring is knowledgeable of the EnterpriseOne technology stack, he will not know the difference between a good and an average CNC. Additionally, the increased complexity of the JDE technology stack associated with the scarcity of talented JD Edwards CNC professionals has led to an increase in the CNC compensation requirements.

JDE EnterpriseOne availability and support requirements keep increasing

Business reliance on ERP systems for transactional and data processing continue to increase, pushing IT departments to provide an even higher level of business support and systems availability without significantly increasing personnel costs. The mission-critical nature of ERP software dictates that companies have employees on-call 24×7 and have backup resources lined up for vacation and sick time coverage. Additionally, most JDE maintenance activities still need to be performed after-hours or over the weekends and holidays, making it even more difficult for the IT staff.

In summary, most JDE customers cannot effectively provide the business with an adequate level of support and availability with its own internal IT resources in a sustainable manner, making the decision to switch to a Managed Services model an easy choice.

Typically, with a JD Edwards Managed Services plan a company can expect to get:

  • Capable resources available 24×7
  • Email, helpdesk, and phone support 24×7
  • Guaranteed response time and contractual Service Level Agreements for both regular and after-hours
  • Pool of expertise with senior CNC resources
  • System administration experience, including robust best practices
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Proactive and scheduled maintenance activities on weekends / after-hours
  • Monthly reporting and configuration management

The cost of a full time employee is typically higher than the cost of most Managed Services offerings, making it relatively easy to understand why so many companies are moving their JDE E1 System Administration to a Managed Services model.

EmeraldCube offers different levels of Managed Services plans to help maintain and support your JDE environment. We provide a variety of engagement models ranging from a simple one-time block of hours that will help to supplement your existing IT team to a completely outsourced model that operates as an extension of your own IT group.

Contact us if you are interested in understanding how our offerings can help your organization.