What’s new with JDE Tools Release 9.1.4

JD Edwards Tools 9.1.4 was released in December of 2013, and the following is a highlight of some of its enhancements. A more detailed list is available on the Oracle Documentation site, available HERE.

New iPad application
The JDE iPad application has been in the market for a while and although Oracle has released small bug fixes, 9.1.4 brings the first significant uplift. According to the product strategy team, the focus was to make the app smarter and easier to use. The new iPad application is backwards compatible, however it will only enable/show the new features for clients using tools 9.1.4. Here is what’s new on the app:

  • With the new Scratchpad & Signatures capability, existing PDFs can be signed and saved as a Media Object PDF attachment without leaving the app. This new feature allows for electronic signature capturing via the iPad! Click here to view the JDE E1 Scratchpad YouTube video.
  • Multimedia attachments were already possible on the older release but the JDE app now has its own media player, so it provides a much better user experience. For instance, users can now select pictures from photo library, as well as activate the camera, without leaving the app.iPad Media Object Integration
  • Watchlists are now available in the app on the side bar. Before this tools release, customers licensed for OneView Report could only access Watchlists via browser.9.1.4 iPad WatchList
  • Row & Form exists were redesigned as a sliding bar that can be repositioned to facilitate access and improve usability.New iPad Form Exit
  • Emails sent from JDE (such as workflow messages), when clicked from an iPad, will now prompt the user to open the link on the browser or using the iPad app.

Android tablet support
JDE is now supporting Chrome browser on Android 7 or 10 inch tablets. As expected, the user experience is not nearly as rich as the iPad app user experience, but at least Android is now supported and in the roadmap. We are hoping to see the JDE open platform support policy fully extended to all mobile platforms in the near future.

CaféOne enhancements
Before tools release 9.1.4, only external content/URLs or E1 portlets could be added to a CaféOne layout. With the new tools release, E1 application forms can be added and contextually linked via CaféOne, allowing users to create/design their own E1 screen mashups, without needing a developer. This new capability, if properly deployed, has the potential to significantly improve the end-user experience and productivity. Click here to view the CaféOne Mashups YouTube video.

CaféOne E1 Forms

Embedded BI Publisher
The embedded BI Publisher (BIP) engine was redesigned to improve performance and scalability. In addition to the 64-bit JVM support, the jobs can now be divided across multiple servers and grouped into short or long running report queues. BIP now supports output to custom folders and file names. In addition to the significant performance improvement, this new set of enhancements further closes the gap between the embedded Oracle BIP and 3rd-party forms solutions.

Server Manager Console

  • The 9.1.4 sever manager console has the configuration parameters grouped to simplify the admin experience. In addition to the grouping, the console now saves and remembers the user grid settings so that you no longer have to change the page size and sort order every time.SM configuration groups
  • Server Manager groups can now be synced back and forth between the instances, making it easier to make bulk parameter changes across all your instances.
  • Configuration summary/report can now be generated and printed for each instance, facilitating the system documentation.

Platform updates

  • Now supported
    • Windows 2012 in all tiers but the deployment server
    • Oracle VM 3.2 now supported
    • Oracle Database and (12c)
    • Weblogic Server 12c (12.1.2)
    • Firefox 17 ESR
    • Chromed on Windows 8 and Android tablet (4.2.2)
  • Retired
    • Oracle Database support

As you can see from the list above, 9.1.4 shows that Oracle is committed and continues to deliver value to JDE customers. Albeit not revolutionary, the new tools release enhancements are certainly going to improve the product usability and continue to push the JDE momentum forward in the ERP marketplace.

We would love to know what 9.1.4 features/enhancements you are most excited about so please leave a comment!

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