5 Reasons for EmeraldVision

When we originally set out to create EmeraldCube Solutions, our focus was to provide better analytics without the hassles associated with IT. After kicking the tires of multiple BI toolsets, it was clear that the GoodData platform was the perfect option that could completely bring our vision to reality. Our exclusive partnership with GoodData enabled us to quickly create EmeraldVision, the first and only SaaS based solution for JD Edwards.

Here are 5 reasons why EmeraldVision and its cloud based platform is a game changer:

  1. All Data – Analytics should not be confused with operational reporting, and needs to incorporate more than just ERP data to provide a full 360 degree view of your business. EmeraldVision can easily tap not only into traditional data sources, but also web based APIs and cloud based sources, enabling visibility to key metrics contained within CRM data, social media and other business influencers.
  2. Continuous Improvement – Having a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution should not only mean that you don’t have to buy any software, it should also mean that the solution constantly gets better. With EmeraldVision, customers regularly benefit from new enhancements that complement an already robust set of capabilities.
  3. No Need for IT – One reason that CRM solutions are frequently subscribed to is that they allow business users to implement the applications without any IT involvement. Most solutions reside on the cloud, and do not require any hardware. EmeraldVision is designed to mirror this successful model, allowing the business to focus on KPIs and Analytics rather than technical road blocks.
  4. Focus on the Business – EmeraldVision provides actionable KPIs, Interactive Dashboards, and ad-hoc reporting capabilities within just a few days of initial setup. Collaborative capabilities within the application allow our customers to focus on problem solving, not just problem identification.
  5. Rapid Deployment – Not only can standard EmeraldVision projects start to provide business value within days, but it can quickly be extended to incorporate custom data sources. Our light weight framework differs from other on-premises based BI solutions which require a lengthy installation process.

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