Why the Name EmeraldCube?

As we were launching our company over a year ago, one of the most important decisions we made early on was our company name. For those of you who have done this or have been involved in a similar exercise, this task is a bit intimidating given the importance as well as the endless number of options.

The good thing was that we had some definite parameters in mind to help us streamline the process. First, we knew we wanted the word “cube” included in the company name since a data warehouse can be managed in smaller elements commonly referred to as data cubes. With Business Intelligence as a primary focus for our business, we wanted a name that was unusual but easy to remember. We also needed a name that we could secure a domain name for and establish an Internet identity, which is not an easy feat! Lastly, we wanted a name that captured our company vision and purpose.

With these thoughts in mind, my partners and I held multiple naming brainstorming sessions. We discussed options like “GlassCube” (clarity but too fragile), “IronCube” (strong but too clunky), and “DataCube” (sounds too generic and was already used by another company).

Then, the “Ah-ha Moment” came to me as I was running on the treadmill one day thinking about different elements and gem stones, and how they could be attached to the word “Cube.” DiamondCube, RubyCube, CobaltCube… EmeraldCube.

EmeraldCube, I liked the sound of it. With some further research into the properties of the emerald gemstone, I found that many ancient civilizations believed that the emerald denoted wisdom, insight, and clarity of thought. At that point, I knew that was it because these properties matched so well with our vision.

At our next brainstorming session, I presented the name EmeraldCube to my partners. They immediately liked the name and we have been EmeraldCube ever since.

We are a technology company that provides tools and technology to JDEdwards customers.   Our tools, EmeraldPrism (CNC Monitoring) and EmeraldVision (SaaS based Business Intelligence) provide insight so customers can make more informed decisions.