An “Ahha” Moment in My IT World

The complexities of technology can sometimes go over my head. As a marketer in this space , I find myself submerging myself in the latest information and statistics surrounding Managed Service and Business Intelligence, carefully looking for the distinct behaviors and needs of our audience. All of the acronyms flowing together: SaaS, JDE, E1, CNC, IT. It can be overwhelming.

So finally, an “ahha” moment in this sometimes-cloudy space. I get it. I understand the importance and the advantages of this concept because I know that knowledge is power. I know increased information output provides insight to areas which were once unknown. There’s no need for acronyms, but instead words that I can identify with in my personal life: simplicity, power, insights, and profits.

Today, remote connectivity to important objects within our homes is a reality. From the temperature of a zoned room and the recording of our favorite television shows, to the alarm system and the settings on our ovens, mobile devices give us the power to control our homes remotely 24/7. From the office, from the train, from the ballpark, it doesn’t matter. Our fingers and connectivity enable us to keep our eye on the prize. This power results in saved time, energy and money.

So, why hasn’t this same power been taken to our businesses? Finally it has with EmeraldSensor from EmeraldCube.

EmeraldSensor was developed to leverage sensors to help businesses harness data and insights to solve problems that once seemed impossible. Businesses rely on information, statistics, and reports to analyze results and improve profitability. Today, the scope of data that businesses can access has been expanded greatly by the IoT, or Internet of Things. Through IoT, everyday objects have network connectivity allowing them to send and receive data. The EmeraldSensor Platform is an end-to-end solution, from hardware to integrated analytics, which allows sensors to be connected and integrated directly with ERP systems, such as Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. In short, EmeraldSensor brings the power and possibilities of IoT to ERP systems.

Powered by the EmeraldSensor Platform, the sensors can detect any established parameter such as motion, temperature, electricity, humidity, noise or vibration, collecting desired data over a specified period. This data is then turned into knowledge, answering questions to overcome business obstacles and in turn, increase efficiency and profits. Because this data is collected in real-time and can be accessed 24/7 by the user, potential problems can be avoided and uptime increased.

IoT and ERP. I apologize for dropping two acronyms on you. In the grand scheme of things, it’s all worth it when it comes to EmeraldSensor. Knowledge is power. Remote connectivity which brings you insight of your business 24/7 is genius. We’re at the forefront of this revolution, get on board.