EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1.5

Oracle has just announced the availability of EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1.5! This is a groundbreaking update for the EnterpriseOne system on the technical side, as also includes changes for the end user which will help them to interact with the web client even more easily than before.

First lets dive into the user experience. With this Tools Release, there has been a modernization of the look and feel of the web client with the new “Alta” style sheet. This was done to help EnterpriseOne match the appearance of other current Oracle products. Our friend Stewart at E1Tips wrote a great article on this HERE. A long awaited drag and drop update for media objects makes its way into E1 with this Tools Release, which I know users will appreciate. Another highly anticipated addition for the web client is the breadcrumb trail, which allows the user to move back to where they started from instead of starting back at the beginning of their navigation process, similar to many other modern applications in use in todays mature technology world. Closer to the cutting edge of end user experiences are advances in navigation updates in several other areas like E1 Pages, which now adds a simplified application interface, configurable by role or user, for the more casual user. Finally, a host of updates for mobile applications and the AIS mobile apps server are also incorporated into the update.

On the Reporting side, OneView has also benefited from usability updates. Warnings can now be configured to report queries exceeding record limits set by administrators, preventing long running queries from causing performance problems. OneView users can now view the query being used in the application itself, whereas before it was not visible.  Breadcrumb links are also now used in OneView, facilitating navigation in another area of this Tools Release.

For the techies and CNCs out there, you will now see a lot of changes under the covers, some of them down to the bedrock of EnterpriseOne. You may already be aware that Oracle plans to remove the need for a deployment server in future releases of EnterpriseOne. This Tools Release is the first of several changes that will take the packaging of object specifications and move more emphasis on the server portion of these, relegating the client portion to an optional component until such time as they do away with that completely in favor of web based applications for all tasks. For the time being, this major change includes a “Server Only” package and an optional client install if updates need to be made for fat client based work.

Server Manager now allows for the administration of mobile applications, as the AIS server is listed alongside your web instances, BSSV instances, and other E1 servers. BSSV and AIS servers also now have the ability to be clustered, enabling you to take advantage of this architecture for the same reasons as for web servers in large deployments – High Availability, Scalability, and Load Balancing. I personally know several customers that can make use of this new feature.

Finally, there have been quite a few changes to Product Certifications. Some of the highlights are support for Oracle Database, including the new Database In-Memory release, allowing Oracle hardware users to realize performance like never before.

The Tools Release was put on the update center on 12/8/2014 and is available now. Contact EmeraldCube if you are interested in learning more.

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