Dunk Tanks, Dead Fish, Clever Ribbons and Tie-Dye

After just returning from my first trip to Collaborate15, I feel energized and enthusiastic about the JD Edwards community and the spotlight which shown brightly on EmeraldCube. The week was jam packed with educational sessions, exhibitor showcase hours, parties and events. Each one provided a unique opportunity to learn about the needs and challenges facing JD Edwards users, as well as a platform to ignite dialogue and cultivate relationships.

I was really taken aback by the spirit of the JD Edwards community… from the ribbons which people attach to their name badges, “Know it All”, “Computer Geek”, “Been There, Done That”, to the festive 70’s gear that people rocked during the “Geek Meet” event, I felt invigorated by the infectious energy. This spirit carried through in conversations regarding business needs and new ideas to explore.

The EmeraldCube team took their creative side to the next level as we demoed EmeraldSensor, a revolutionary product and platform that enables JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users to harness the power of sensors and the Internet of Things. In effort to demonstrate the rugged capabilities of EmeraldSensor, a real connected device was submerged in a fish tank throughout the show. The good news is, EmeraldSensor worked beautifully and awed the trade show attendees throughout… the bad news is, the fish died within 24 hours. We’re not sure if they were overfed the first night, or overcooked by the lamp which was illuminating the tank. Either way, R.I.P. to our loyal guppies. In addition to EmeraldSensor, on-site demos were given for our newly launched version of EmeraldPrism as well for EmeraldVision, our SaaS based BI tool powered by GoodData. It was great to share these tools with the JD Edwards community.

For those of you who we met at Collaborate, thanks for your time and for spreading your infectious energy and knowledge. We hope that we were able to reciprocate and look forward to working with you in the near future. If you weren’t able to attend Collaborate15, start your planning now for 2016. It is a worthwhile event that should not be missed. If you’re interested, we can certainly fill you in on some of the info we shared during our upcoming webinars and events. And by the way…although they were quite exclusive, we did hand out some ribbons of our own. Make sure to see us next year so that you too can be a, “Proud Cuber”.