Your EnterpriseOne Applications: Better, Stronger, Faster

As I took my first tour of duty at the EmeraldCube Collaborate booth a over a month ago, I fielded a lot of questions from JDE friends and colleagues about EmeraldCube Application Managed Services. In those face to face situations, I was able to answer their questions while communicating my enthusiasm about EmeraldCube and our services. So when I sat down to write my very first EmeraldCube blog post, I wondered if I should take a more professional tone. Write in third person? Search for “synergistic”, “value-add”, “deep dive” phrases to use? Nah, I think I’ll just write like we were talking at Collaborate, and tell you about our new EmeraldCube Application Managed Services and how we can help you rejuvenate your JD Edwards.

Let’s start with an assumption: the whole point of an ERP system is to run your business and serve your business users, right? If the business didn’t need the functionality and services of JDE, they’d still be doing business on a clipboard with a three-part carbon copy form. (Where does the canary copy go again?) But ERP technology requires investment, enhancement, research, and analysis. And, in today’s technology landscape, everyone is being challenged to do more with less. A reduced timeframe. Fewer resources. Less training.

That’s why we now offer flexible Application Managed Services plans, either standalone or as a complement to our other services. Our Senior Application Consultants will partner with you to stabilize, support, and enhance your JDE applications. To borrow a phrase from The Six Million Dollar Man:

We can make your JDE better than it was before… Better. Stronger. Faster.

“Great”, I can hear you saying, “a catchy theme. But what does that mean?”


You know all those small, annoying issues that have been around since you implemented JDE? I’m talking about things like editing a batch because you can’t figure out what AAI drives that account number. Or reprinting a pick slip every time, because the backordered lines don’t print. Or tracking benefit arrearage manually on a spreadsheet, instead of setting it up on the DBA. Over time, this impacts user confidence in JDE and its capabilities. We can quickly get to the root of those issues and resolve them, boosting your users’ satisfaction.


Many customers support JDE with a lean, finely tuned staff. But, when projects or upgrades cause a spike in demand for services, it helps to have someone on deck who knows your business, your users, and your system. Our Application Managed Services Consultants can function as an extension of your own team, thanks to the time we take to build strong relationships with our customers. Just kick us those problems or small projects you can’t get to at the moment, and you can focus on other tasks. We can help with that AP payment group problem, or the issue with the integrity reports from last week. (We’ll even open the ticket with Oracle on your behalf, and gather all the logs and steps to duplicate.)


The dreaded “enhancement list” – every JDE company has one. Some of them have been around so long, it seems like they should be engraved on tablets. Some of them are a little vague – “improve PO processes”, anyone? Often, these lists could offer savings of time and money, if you just had the time and money to work on them. But enhancement lists must compete with large projects and upgrades for resources, and they usually get put to the side. It’s the research and design that’s so time-consuming; it’s hard to find uninterrupted hours in your day to set up and test new functionality. That’s where ECS Application Managed Services Consultants can help. We take the enhancement list, gather requirements, research the capabilities, and deliver tested, documented solutions.

Time for my wrap-up: EmeraldCube Application Managed Services has already made JDE better, stronger, and faster for multiple customers. We thrive on helping our customers become successful. And we love JD Edwards. We believe in the capabilities and flexibility of the software, and we’re passionate about making it work for your business.

For more information on Application Managed Services, contact info@emerald-cube.com, or sign up on the Resources page to view our recorded webinar which will be posted in early June.