Internet of Things Q&A with EmeraldSensor Architect Marcelo Tamassia

Q: What is EmeraldSensor?
MT: EmeraldSensor is a revolutionary product and platform that enables ERP users to harness the power of sensors and the Internet of Things. The EmeraldSensor platform is an end-to-end solution, from hardware to comprehensive analytics, which allows sensors and PLC’s to be connected and integrated directly with ERP systems such as JD Edwards E1. The sensors collect data in virtually any environment, providing real-time data that can be accessed 24/7 by the user.

Q: How do EmeraldSensor and JDE E1 Oracle IoT Orchestrator integrate with one another?
MT: Oracle IoT Orchestrator provides an interface option for sensors to connect to JDE. It offers the flexibility to integrate with JDE without customization and enables customers to collect, filter, analyze, and act on real-time data as it is being transmitted by IoT devices. IoT Orchestrator exposes the existing JDE functionality to make it even more simple, and EmeraldSensor acts as the collector of the selected parameter.

Q: How long has EmeraldSensor been in use? Are there any usage examples?
MT: Our customers have had the EmeraldSensor solution in production for over a year now.
We have live customers using EmeraldSensor for preventive maintenance (capital asset optimization) and work order completion automation. Both use cases automate manual processes to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. You can view a recent case study highlighting how EmeraldSensor has optimized business performance for one of our customers, Little Rapids: http://emeraldcube.wpengine.com/case-studies/

Q: How quickly can an organization implement EmeraldSensor with JDE E1 Oracle IoT Orchestrator?
MT: EmeraldSensor can be deployed very quickly. A typical project starts with a short Proof of Concept (POC). The POC provides a rapid risk free way for a JDE customer to validate and fine-tune the solution to their environment. Once the POC is complete, the customer can immediately leverage EmeraldSensor with JDE E1 IoT Orchestrator. The benefits are realized immediately upon deployment of the sensors.

To learn more about EmeraldSensor or to set up a product demo, please email info@emerald-cube.com