The Ten Commandments of a Testing Culture

If your organization is utilizing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, you are most likely thinking about upgrades – preparing for an upgrade, deciding when/how to upgrade, and finally, considering the benefits you’ll gain when you upgrade.

Lesson 1 – The Ten Commandments of a Testing Culture:

Most folks who have completed a JD Edwards upgrade would agree – without thorough testing, the upgrade won’t be a true success. Sure, you might successfully go live, and have users working Day One. However, go live could be delayed, critical issues could arise immediately following go live, or workarounds could be necessary. Full testing of JDE business processes can uncover issues sooner, and allow time to retrofit, open an SR with Oracle, or change a process. So yes, testing is great, necessary, ideal.  But those same upgrade veterans would also agree: testing can be a long, painful process for IT staff and users.

What do we mean by a “testing culture”? An environment where user testing is expected, participatory, and consistent. But how to convince managers and users? Some of the powerful benefits of a testing culture:

• It removes the struggle. When testing is expected and consistent, it’s not a painful, uncertain task. They know what needs to be done, and can execute efficiently.
• It makes their lives easier. They will experience fewer interruptions of their work due to an untested, unidentified issue.
• It gives them powerful knowledge. They’ll get to see new features sooner, and gain a better understanding of JD Edwards capabilities.
• It forms partnerships. Users work together, alongside IT staff, to fully test processes end to end and identify issues.  This creates a cross-departmental team mentality.

Whether you have already decided to upgrade or are still working through the process, creating a testing culture is invaluable to your organization. It’s a step that shold be taken to prepare for an upgrade, but it’s also valuable in and of itself. We’ve identified some of the critical steps needed to make your culture shift successful.

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