Collaborate16 Proves to be a “Transformative” Experience

If you were lucky enough to attend Collaborate16 in Las Vegas, you’re most likely now in the post-Collaborate phase…reviewing tons of notes from education sessions, sifting through business cards from networking opportunities, and most likely digging through a mountain of emails you received while you were away. For those of you who weren’t able to make it, we’ve created a quick summary of “hot topics” from the event:

9.2 Upgrades

Whether you’re preparing for an upgrade or deciding when and how to upgrade, Collaborate16 provided tons of useful information. For those of you who are utilizing JDE E1 versions 9.0 or older, an upgrade should be in your imminent future. From absolute obsolescence and lack of support from Oracle, to the inability to access new capabilities and putting your organization at risk, there are many reasons why upgrading to version 9.2 is highly beneficial. If you have version 9.0 or newer, you’re not out of the woods. Upgrading to version 9.2 will allow for your organization to stay current, leverage new capabilities, and maintain a streamlined and simple upgrade process. And don’t forget, the longer you wait, the more your organization will pay to upgrade.

If you’re interested in learning more about 9.2 Upgrades, sign-up for our free online Cubeology learning course. You’ll receive a series of 6 courses covering key 9.2 Upgrade topics, delivered via email: http://www.emeraldcube.wpengine.com/cubeology/


The discussion of cloud computing was a key area of focus throughout Collaborate16. Questions surrounding what will drive cloud growth and how our landscape will change were touched upon throughout the event. A few fast facts and predictions which were shared:

  • 80% of production applications are headed to the cloud
  • Security will move from a barrier to cloud adoption to one of its main benefits
  • Digital disruption will force companies replace the last era’s IT systems, including ERP
  • IT’s focus is shifting from support to innovation thanks to the automation of cloud
  • 100% of development and testing is moving to the cloud
  • Cloud systems will provide an alternative to built-it-yourself big data

Many forward looking organizations are looking to go cloud-based in 2016. This more personalized approach with data visualizations and simple access, will give business leaders the insight at the speed they need to focus on innovation. If you’re considering moving to the cloud, let EmeraldCube be your guide. Send us a note, we’d welcome the opportunity to chat about your needs: info@emeraldcube.com


An issue which has been addressed for many of us personally, but not at the forefront of our minds when discussing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, is Fraud. As we learned at Collaborate16, Fraud in America is a major concern with over $3.7 trillion dollars lost annually by businesses around the world. And unfortunately, this number is growing. Many companies have invested in fraud prevention tools, but few companies have proper fraud detection mechanisms. Research has shown that proactive data monitoring and analysis is the most effective fraud detection solution, reducing loss by up to 60%.

EmeraldCube has developed FraudPatrol, a solution built specifically for JDE E1. FraudPatrol proactively detects and alerts suspicious transaction activity by closely monitoring JDE production data. The solution focuses on securely detecting issues and notifying designated personnel within the organization when breaches occur, proactively stopping fraudulent activity before it’s too late.

FraudPatrol utilizes transaction monitoring and sophisticated pattern analysis techniques along with log mining, to proactively detect, flag and notify auditors and controllers of any suspicious business activity. To learn more about FraudPatrol, visit www.emeraldcube.wpengine.com/fraudpatrol/.

Collaborate16 was a huge success for the EmeraldCube team. We hope that your journey was transformational and has successfully prepared you to optimize your JD Edwards user experience! We look forward to working with you in the near future.