Upgrade, Innovate and Compete

Guest Blogger: Ward Quarles, Director Product Management/Strategy, Oracle

There is a great line from a Woody Allen movie about sharks having to constantly move forward or they die—a clever metaphor for a dying relationship. The metaphor however is also applicable to businesses. If organizations stop moving forward, growing, or adapting, they too can struggle to survive.

Instead of taking action, we often become complacent and go into a holding pattern. Too scared to make a change, feeling safe in a familiar environment, we experience the same old, same old—we stagnate. Just as surely as the shark, our businesses, too, can die if we stop moving forward.

Is the effort and risk of upgrading your JD Edwards applications holding your organization back from benefiting from the latest technology advances?

Successful organizations recognize that modernizing their JD Edwards configurations, both software and hardware, provides competitive advantage. Driving innovation is nearly impossible when running a business on older software releases because IT departments are reluctant to embrace analytics, mobility, or cloud projects where the architecture cannot handle the new demands.

By keeping your software investments current with the latest release, your organization benefits from the most up-to-date applications and features that allow you to keep pace in today’s competitive marketplace. JD Edwards commitment to transformative innovation, deep industry solutions, and choice for customers to run their businesses their way combined with an upgrade approach that simplifies and reduces risk is creating measurable high customer satisfaction.

Failing to upgrade legacy systems has consequences.

When not on a current release, customers find their business processes under incredible pressure trying to meet the technology demands of a modern business with aging software. In an increasingly competitive marketplace with the ever-present need to contain costs, trying to meet these demands illustrates the risks of complacency. Squeezing additional value from aging software assets is not a viable long-term option. Cloud, Mobile, and Internet of Things solutions are transforming the businesses of JD Edwards customers and creating a competitive advantage for those who are current with their EnterpriseOne release.

Meet your upgrade challenge head on with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2 or World Release 9.4. Use the resources available on LearnJDE.com to plan for an upgrade that supports future growth, reduces your total cost of ownership, improves efficiency, provides current security updates, and fulfills regulatory and legislative mandates.

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