Defeating the Data Breach

They are defined as “incidents in which sensitive, protected, or confidential data has potentially been viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so”. You hear about them happening in your community, in your workplace, and across the globe on a daily basis. From Yahoo and Wells Fargo, to the accusations of election hacking and numerous attacks within the healthcare sector, data security breaches are on the rise.

It’s hard to determine what will be targeted next… possibly mobile wallets or your vehicle’s internal software? What we do know is that each and every day your organization is exposed to external and internal vulnerabilities which put you at risk. Historically with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, holes within the JDE security configuration can expose sensitive customer and employee data. Social Security numbers, bank account routing numbers, and employee salaries reside unencrypted within the database, and can be accessed by hackers, as well as system administrators, DBAs, developers, and business analysts. So how can you take a proactive approach to preventing data security breaches within your organization?

EmeraldCube recently launched EnCrypto, the first product to provide JDE sensitive data protection with military grade encryption. It provides column-level data encryption on all database platforms supported by JDE, storing the encrypted sensitive data on the database (encrypted at rest) and providing granular access control to JDE users and roles.

So why choose EnCrypto? Traditional database-level encryption does not account for data classes or specific user entitlements, and has limited ability to be selective, so encryption and access controls are an all or nothing proposition. Not so with EnCrypto, which allows for field-specific encryption and granular user access control.

If you’re ready to defeat the data breach, we’re here to help. Send us a note at info@emerald-cube.com or visit http://www.emeraldcube.wpengine.com/encrypto for details.