JDE Technical Purge Jobs

JDE has multiple technical tables where data is stored which have the capacity to become very large. This blog outlines steps for running manual purges on some of these technical tables.

Purge Submitted Jobs:

R9861101 calls the R9861102 which deletes the associated PDF’s from the print queue on the server. R9861101 then deletes the job records from the F986110 (Job Master table). This must be run locally. It should be run for Data Source JDE9ENT1 AND JDE9ENT2 to clear production server jobs and JDE9ENTTST to clear test server data.

Purge Scheduled Jobs:

R91300B’s Processing Options allow this report to run in a specific Time zone and in PROOF or FINAL mode. Running this UBE in PROOF mode allows and Administrator to check the PDF report without changing anything in the Scheduler table.  If the results of running this report is PROOF mode are satisfactory, run the UBE again in FINAL mode, and this will physically delete those selected records from table F91320.  For audit purposes, table F91300 will not be purged.Note: R91300B can be run locally or on the Enterprise/Logic server.
Set Data Selection to delete Scheduled Launch Status greater than ‘01’

Purge Work Center Messages:

The R01131P processing options will determine what Work Center messages will be purged.
If the first processing option is left blank, only messages in the Deleted queue will be purged and the date range entered into the second processing option will be ignored. If the first processing option is set to a ‘1’, all messages in all queues will be deleted based on the date range entered in the second processing option.

The second processing option holds the date range of all messages that will be deleted when the first processing option is set to a ‘1’.

Note: If using Workflow, be cautious when setting the first processing option to a ‘1’ to delete all messages. If an unopened Workflow message with a shortcut falls within the date range entered in the processing options, the message will be deleted and then the Workflow message cannot be acted upon.

If data selection is used, this report is based on the F01131 table. However, the F01133 is the table evaluated to determine if the message is in the Deleted queue (processing option 1 is left blank) or if the message is within the date range entered in processing option 2 (when processing option 1 is set to a ‘1’). If the data selection is used, do not use a date range or a queue because it could conflict with the processing options.

This job should be run on the server.

Purge Workflow Instances:


  1. The UBE is shipped to purge records when the Workflow Instance is Complete, Terminated or at an Error Status. This is based on the data selection set with BC Process Status (F98860) equal to 03-Complete, 05-Terminated or 06-Error.
  2. Additional data selection can be used with the R98860P to further restrict the records being deleted.

We generally run with standard settings (all completed, terminated or error status records are purged).
This UBE can be run on the server and can be submitted from fat or web client.

JDE Doc ID 626602.1

Our JDE monitoring and alerting tool, EmeraldPrism, performs many of these functions but ALSO includes regularly scheduled purges for these and other technical tables. To learn more, visit http://www.emeraldprism.com.