OMW Logging Security and Security Segregation

Although not officially supported by Oracle, it is a common practice to segregate JDE functional security between production and non-production environments. This is accomplished by creating a copy of Security Workbench table and mapping it to a shared data source other than System for the non-production environments, while keeping the regular table in System data source for production.

I recently encountered a situation where such a configuration caused a break in functionality with OMW Logging security (to not be confused with OMW > Row Exit > Logging).

OMW Logging is one of the security options found in Solution Explorer security in Security Workbench. This security controls the user’s ability to have objects created, modified or deleted outside OMW application to be automatically added to their default projects.

Every time a user performs an action that should add an object to their default project, JDE reads this security record. Oddly, JDE will read this record from F00950 in the System data source regardless of OCM settings for the current environment. Users will then see unexpected results if Solution Explorer security is defined differently between the prod and non-prod copies of F00950.

With this behavior in mind, the solution is to update the Solution Explorer security records in the System data source to reflect what you want users to have when working in non-production environments.