Ending the Upgrade Merry-Go-Round

If you’ve had your ear to the ground regarding JD Edwards lately, you may have heard the rumblings… building to a buzz… ending in a major announcement at Collaborate 2017 – JD Edwards will be supported by Oracle through at least 2028 for EnterpriseOne and 2025 for World.  Yay!  Hooray!  Three cheers, pop the bubbly, get excited!  There, now that the celebration is out of the way, and the confetti has settled – what’s this all about?  What does this truly mean for JD Edwards customers, and how does it affect my organization?  Well, I was there, I heard it, and as a true lover of JD Edwards, I fist pumped for joy, for a variety of reasons:

First and foremost, Point #1 – Ending the Upgrade Merry-Go-Round:  We can stop the “I have to upgrade because my current release was GA in 2012 and now it’s 2017 and Premiere Support is ending” cycle, which feels never-ending to both IT and the business.   Round and round we go, and by the time we stop, it’s time to start again.

Now, you have the power and flexibility to take new updates when it makes sense for the business, to take advantage of new features, and to leverage functionality.  There’s no requirement to upgrade in order to stay on support or to get your annual Leg/Reg enhancements.  And Oracle will evaluate the support timelines every year, and determine when an extension is needed, so consider it 2028… and beyond.

Does this mean Oracle is just going to leave JD Edwards alone and let it languish, living out its life in its current state?  Absolutely not, which brings me to Point #2 – Continuous Delivery of Enhancements:  Oracle will continue to enhance the 9.2 release, with incremental enhancement packs, two to three times per year.  This Continuous Delivery model is not new; Oracle’s been busy churning out at least 5 major updates to the 9.2 code since it came out.

And while there is no current need for a new major 9.X release, they’ll evaluate regularly, to determine if and when a major release becomes necessary.  But in the meantime, the roadmap already shows exciting planned enhancements to the 9.2 code line, with no sign of slowing down.

That rolls right into Point #3 – Choice and Control: All of our devices today, from gaming systems to smartphones, can take regular updates to get new features or fix issues.   Think of it like this: when your smartphone notifies you of a new update, you install it on your own timetable, when it’s least likely to disrupt your day.  So, instead of the planning, pain, and testing that goes into a big JD Edwards upgrade every 3-4 years (plus the annual tools releases), you can apply focused updates when it makes sense, and target any testing needs to those specific areas.

This gets your ERP back to its role as a tool to facilitate business, not the planet that your business revolves around.  And it puts the customer back in charge of the upgrade cycle.

So, what other doors does this open for you?  Well, EmeraldCube has a new announcement of our own: JD Edwards as a Service.  This new offering lets you move to managed cloud, upgrade to 9.2, and stay up to date, all in one service.  It leverages EmeraldCloud, including our certified partnership with Amazon Web Services, and all the portability and availability that comes with the AWS model.  You also benefit from the best-in-class EmeraldCube tools such as EmeraldPrismFraudPatrol, and EnCrypto to keep your JDE system healthy and secure.

An added benefit – other servers can be added to your EmeraldCloud subscription, in addition to your JD Edwards instances.  This makes your IT organization more nimble and allows responsive decision-making, since you don’t have to calculate how long before you recoup hardware investments or what staff you need to support in-house servers.  The scalable nature of EmeraldCloud allows quick provisioning, so system resources can change as needed.

Oracle is demonstrating the commitment to JD Edwards with continuous feature releases and support through 2028.  If you’ve been considering (or dreading) a 9.2 upgrade, let us lower the risk, cost, and effort.  Contact us today to find out how you can take back control with JD Edwards as a Service.