Key Takeaways from the June 28th JD Edwards Tools Release

As promised, Oracle is delivering on their Continuous Delivery of Enhancements for JD Edwards, and on June 28th, made available the latest EnterpriseOne Tools Release You can review all of the enhancements here. Two of the most useful items from the release are:

  • UXOne Analytics – Enhanced refresh capabilities, enabling users to view the time to refresh, control the refresh frequency, and work with retrieved data without having to wait for the next refresh. This enhancement enables users to manage the performance of the analytic components in an optimal manner.
  • Media Object Storage – In TR Media Objects storage was moved from the file system to the database, as a way to simplify its administration, however this caused issues with 3rd party and integration systems as they were relying on the actual existence of the media object as a file. This TR provides the option to control where Media Objects are stored (File system or database) enabling customer to upgrade without impacting existing integrations with media objects.

These updates demonstrate Oracle’s continuing investment in the JD Edwards products and their commitment to customers to enable their journey to a digital enterprise. If you need support in implementing an upgrade or understanding the impact of the Continuous Improvement model, our team of experts are here to help.  Please contact us at info@emeraldcube.com to learn more!