Kscope 17 Kids Labs!

As part of our ever-continuing initiative of #EmeraldCubeCares, we value unique and creative ways to give back and serve those in our networks and communities. This summer, we had the very fun opportunity to have our Director of Business Intelligence Jeremy Harms lead the first ever ODTUG Kscope 17 Kids Labs based on the STEM curriculum he has developed for The Vine City Code Crew. On the Sunday before this week long Oracle-focused tech conference, Jeremy and a group of amazing Kscope volunteers led three coding classes for kids ages 5 and up.

These future coders learned about searching algorithms using ping pong balls and sorting functions using a duct tape map on the floor.

They hacked bananas, Play-Doh and all sorts of other fun objects into their own custom game controllers via the Makey Makey.

The little ones built their own simple game using Scratch.

The older kids made Python programming magic happen in Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi, building enormous pyramids and blowing up mountains with a TNT detonator button they built on a circuit breadboard!

Based on the initial feedback from the kids, volunteers and parents it sounds like it was a hit. Maybe there’s a chance we get to do this all over again next summer at Kscope18 in Orlando. Let’s see what coding creations we can come up with together to educate and inspire the next generation of tech makers. Hope to see you there!