Simplicity in Naming Packages for EnterpriseOne

Package builds are part of working with EnterpriseOne, and sometimes there can be a lot of them to sift through to find the one to install or deploy. The most successful package naming conventions follow simple rules:

For all packages, it is always best to start the package name by using two letter abbreviation for the Path Code, which will keep all of the packages for that path code together. When assembling a new DV full package for the development path code, follow the letters by three digit numbers that puts all of the full packages in order. For example, DV001 would tell the system administrator that there is a full package built for development Path Code and it is the first full package.

Building on this concept, an update package would then add a two-digit number to the end of the series. For example, DV00103 would show the first full development package built has three update packages associated with it. Keeping a sequencing order to the full and update packages has its benefits. Any administrator would be able to login to EnterpriseOne and review the grouped numbering of update and full packages built for a specific Path Code. Since all related packages will be together, in order, this would allow easy review of last package created, by either type, full or update, and the ability to differentiate between an update and full package, and determine the next package in sequence if they need to build it.

Simple is best when it comes to package naming conventions.  With the naming convention outlined above, you can not only easily tell which update and full packages go together, but also quickly see which name you need to use for the next package, and have them all in order.