Using Server Manager to Clear Web Server Caches


Purpose of Web Server Cache

Web Server Cache is used to ensure data integrity and improve performance.  This cache holds a snapshot of data from a table in memory and the application processes faster as the necessary information is readily available in memory.

When a change has been made to the record / value in the actual table (IE:  removing role from user, changing open accounting periods, etc) the existing cache is not reflective of the change until that cache timeout is reached and the cache is reset automatically. Until this occurs, the applications keep picking up old values existing in memory. Therefore, it becomes necessary to clear the cache manually if the change needs to be seen right away. Once this is done, a new set of records from that table is put into cache (on the subsequent access to this table).

JDE does not cache records from all tables. Only those tables which are very frequently accessed and not changed on a regular basis (Usually company master information, user security) are cached.

Who Can Clear Cache?

As these steps are very easy and can be completed by anyone with appropriate access to Server Manager, Emerald Cube Solutions wanted to provide this easy-to-use guide for anyone who desires to complete this task.

Steps to Clear Web Server Cache

Log on to Server Manager

Click on Select Instance to see all available instances

Select the link for the appropriate instance

Under Runtime Metrics, select JDBj Database Caches