OBIEE 12c “uploadrpd” Lesson Learned from the School of Hard Knocks…

One of the more baffling (and initially troubling!) issues we encountered after our first OBIEE 12c upgrades to and later was a mysterious issue of the new “uploadrpd” function. It was basically making scrambled eggs out of the RPD we intended to upload…

We were doing some tests by updating connection pool settings in offline mode of the RPD BI Admin Tool and then went to perform an uploadrpd command. After what appeared to be a successful RPD upload (no errors/warnings reported via uploadrpd) we went to open the newly uploaded metadata model in online mode to confirm our changes. Not only did we not find our connection pool settings in the RPD after it was uploaded, but we noticed something else even more sinister and less obvious. For reasons unexplained, now initialization blocks were all of a sudden duplicated with a “#1” suffix on the end of the new copies. And then, I guess just to add insult to injury, some targets variables had actually been RESHUFFLED within the init blocks so that variables were now getting incorrectly assigned values from the SQL initialization strings! Very, very frustrating and confusing, as you can well imagine if you ran into the same issue.

Well, at the time as luck would have it, the fix/workaround for the uploadrpd command was not even documented in the manuals. Fortunately, we were able to find Oracle Support Doc ID 2176245.1 that spelled out the (now finally documented!) fix. To resolve these kinds of issues, use the “-D” command line parameter with the uploadrpd command. Read more about this now documented “-D” parameter here in the Oracle Docs and check out the support doc mentioned above for more on the initial information we found from the Oracle Support KB.

If you’d like to find out more about the OBIEE 12c upgrade process and how we’ve helped many of our clients successfully upgrade, drop in for our upcoming April 12th webinar here. And if you’ll be in Vegas for Collaborate 2018, Jeff Brown and I will be co-presenting a more technically in-depth version of this talk during this session.

Or if you can’t make the webinar and won’t be at Collab, drop me a line and let’s setup a time together where we can give you a personal presentation, talk with you more about your OBIEE environment as it exists today, and see how we may be able to help assist you and your team on your upgrade journey to OBIEE 12c.