Classic and Composed Pages

Classic and Composed Pages provide you with a user-friendly interface from which you can access applications, web pages, interactive graphics, and so much more! It’s a basic HTML page where you can include items that enable you to navigate more efficiently and effectively across your JD Edwards system. Classic Pages or E1PAGES, have been around since TR 9.1, almost 7 years since its GA back in December 2011. Are you taking advantage of this powerful tool? – Take a look at this tutorial for a quick review on how to create E1PAGES.

Beginning with tools release, JD Edwards introduced a new page composer tool which enables you to design and create user defined layouts without HTML coding knowledge. It’s very simple and can be accessed through the web user-interface. Did you know UXOne layouts were created using this tool? This tutorial will also demonstrate how to use the tool to create simple layouts using: 1-Designed Pane, 2-EnterpriseOne Application, 3-Watchlist Pane and 4-Springboard Pane.