Preventing Chaos: Year End Prep NOW

Ah, year end – that special time when JDE users begin to look slightly more stressed than usual, and talk turns to integrities, and closing, and consolidations, and more.

If you work in Accounting, then year end is just a part of your regular job or process. You might start stalking the Oracle Support site for the 1099 ESU, so you can remind IT to install the updates. You may even have a checklist that you follow, to make sure you run your integrities, and update your recurring JEs, and finally run R098201 Annual Close.

But, did you ever consider year end processing outside of Finance/Accounting? Let’s face it: JDE is an ERP system, with all the “inter-connectedness” that comes along with that. It’s not enough to run the close, finalize the financial statements, and roll the date forward. You have to think about all the other folks who have processes to do before Accounting pushes that big red CLOSE button. (I know, I know – there’s no big red button. It’d be a lot cooler if there were!)

If the year end processes aren’t considered or followed for all the other JDE functional areas, you can end up with messes to clean up after the new year – or even errors during processing. For example, if pricing changes or expires, and the appropriate actions aren’t taken to enter new pricing or update existing orders, then credit memos could be in your future.

Or, if you forget to do the PDBA Rollover in HCM, employees’ vacation and sick balances will not be created for the new year. And for those of you that like to live dangerously and only extend your Work Day Calendar out one year – your MRP won’t plan if you haven’t created the next year’s calendar records. (By the way, do yourself a favor and extend your Work Day Calendar out 5 years into the future – trust us.)

Tips for a successful year end season:

  • Get started early. Late October/early November is a good time to begin.
  • Consider organizing a Year End Task Force, with representatives from all areas of the business.
  • Make a task list or plan, with deadlines and dependencies.
  • Data cleanup can be started now. Run integrities, and fix any issues in November and December, to make January less painful.
  • Look up the year end bugs/ESUs – 1099s, W2s/T4s, ACA – and all the pre-requisites and Special Instructions that come along with them. It’s a good idea to apply these as soon as they are available, then test them in PY.
  • Request a data refresh of PY to help facilitate testing.

Year end is busy enough, with holidays, and IRS filings, and financial due dates. Don’t make more work, or a mess, if you can avoid it. To get a head start on your plan, download our Year End Checklist (complete with ESU Doc IDs), and begin ticking off the boxes NOW. You can even add your own company or business-specific tasks, then make it part of your regular year end routine. There’s no way to avoid the work that comes at year end, but solid preparation can help avoid chaos and complete the year with less pain.