Runtime Features

Our team of JD Edwards experts has compiled this post to take you through setting up and using some of the pre-defined Runtime Features, including Auto Suggest, Change Confirmation and Hover Viewer:

Auto Suggest feature enables users to search for and filter text on fields where Auto Suggest is enabled. Auto Suggest searches pre-defined tables and returns records that match text you type into a field. As you type text into a text field, one or more possible matches for the text are found and immediately presented to you in the grid around the field.

The Change Confirmation feature provides a warning prompt that can be displayed within an application when a user takes an action that could result in data loss. Configure a warning to be issued if a User has:

  • Pressed Cancel on a form where something has been changed.
  • Pressed Find on a form where something has been changed.

Hover Viewer or pop-up forms are message forms that show context-based information about a form or grid field. This helps users to view information about form and grid fields without having to navigate away from their current application view. Check out this brief video for a quick overview of the Runtime Features mentioned above.