Highlights: JDE E1 Applications Release 9.2 Update 3

ERP Notification Enhancements – Delivered Notifications

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Notifications enable you to stay connected with critical conditions and events that occur continuously throughout the enterprise. These notifications can be pushed to subscribers even when they are not actively using EnterpriseOne, raising awareness of the situation and enabling them to act upon them using application links.

EnterpriseOne Application Release 9.2 Update 3 delivers 64 preconfigured notifications. Users can subscribe to them or personalize them to meet specific use cases. They can also be used as a template for new ideas to address specific business requirements. In general, these preconfigured notifications are meant to make it simple for companies to quickly adopt them and create immediate business value.

These notifications are now available across many JD Edwards modules, including:

  • Capital Asset Management
  • Finance Management (G/L, A/P and A/R)
  • Human Asset Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • US Payroll

For more information, visit the Notifications page on LearnJDE.com

Customer-Driven ERP Enhancements

Following Oracle JD Edwards’ continuous adoption practice that offers frequent delivery of new enhancements, product innovation and new features in smaller updates, 9.2 Update 3 includes several enhancements that provide valuable business logic, simplify business processes, and enhance the user experience.

These enhancements include:

Capital Asset Management

  • Preventive Maintenance Schedules
    Visual indicators are available now in the PM Schedule and PM Backlog applications to show if routes and/or associations exist for an item. Also, the applications have been enhanced with CafeOne layouts to easily view these routes and/or associations, allowing the maintenance staff to view this information without having to navigate to other applications.
  • Simplified Work Order Copy
    Users now have the ability to view the source work order parts list or labor when copying a work order.


  • Lease Accounting
    New enhancements provide lessees of both property and non-property and lessors of property, the ability to efficiently administer and account for their leases following IASB and FASB accounting standards that are effective January 2019.
  • Joint Venture Management
    These new enhancements provide managing partners an effective solution for joint venture accounting including traceability and auditability of all transactions and distributed amounts related to each joint venture.
  • A/P Payment Control Groups
    The Payment Control Group report has been enhanced to provide additional information when reviewing payments prior to processing. This additional information includes the payment control group number and the formatted bank account number at the group level. It also includes additional bank account information for each supplier’s bank account such as the SWIFT and IBAN numbers. These additions to the report greatly improve the reviewers’ ability to validate the payments prior to processing.
  • Configurable Bank Account Information
    The validation of bank account information in the Bank Accounts by Address application is now configurable, enabling customers to define which combinations of the four bank account numbers (Bank Transit, Bank Account Number, IBAN, or SWIFT) are required for different types of bank accounts.


  • Item Balance Purge
    The program has been enhanced to remove constrain on closed statuses for work orders, sales orders, and purchase orders, now that closed statuses are user-defined.


  • Manufacturing Accounting Decimal Precision
    Integrity between the general ledger and item ledger is improved with greater decimal precision when hours and quantities are recorded on manufacturing work orders. A data conversion program is now available to increase the decimal precision of hours and quantity values that are stored and used for manufacturing accounting. This can significantly reduce or eliminate the potential for rounding variances between the Item and General Ledger.


Overstating taxes paid to a supplier is now prevented within the Voucher Match Manager business service when taxes need to be overridden. This is possible with the ability to identify the specific receipt lines that should have the tax amount overridden at the time of voucher match.

Human Capital Management

  • Lock-in Letter Compliance
  • Benefits Preview
  • Manager Changes for Time Card Approval

For more information, visit the ERP Enhancements page.