Quick Reference for Subsystem Jobs in JDE

Simply speaking, subsystem processing allows a quick-running UBE to be submitted both automatically and repetitively.    Subsystems begin by loading environment specs when started and then continually submit subsequent runs of the job. This allows for more efficient processing, as only the UBE logic needs to be executed during all subsequent submissions of the UBE.

There is a ton of information about subsystem processing out there, but how do you know where to start?  Or where to find reference info? Or – the horrors – troubleshooting guides?

In Managed Services, we encounter subsystems issues on a regular basis, and we need to work through them with our customers. I’ve searched the following frequently used Oracle Support links, and organized them here for our readers in a quick reference guide.

Following are links for the technical side of this process:

Overview and setup:

Additional Information / Issues: