E1 Package Compression: To Use or Not to Use?

What is package compression and why do you care if it is used? I spent my first 7 years as a consultant building packages for one particular client. I built packages for 3 environments two times per day. I discovered three issues in the area of package management: disk space, time, and keeping development clients up to date.

AS/400 Loses Communication with the Server Manager After PTF Apply

If you added any JAVA related PTF’s to your AS/400 recently, have you noticed that right after applying the PTFs that the AS/400 Server Manager Agent is no longer communicating with the Server Manager? With the newer versions of AS/400 JAVA, IBM disabled the use of the security protocol that the Server Manager uses: 3DES_EDE_CBC.  In […]

A Walk Down Memory Lane – JD Edwards Conferences

Joining the EmeraldCube team earlier this fall, I now have the opportunity to make my first contribution to the EmeraldCube blog. Join me, as I provide my own personal perspective and walk down memory lane of JD Edwards Conferences… I have been supporting JD Edwards software since 1991. It was World Software back then, and […]