BI Managed Services Powered By EmeraldCube

EC-1When it comes to support of Oracle BI (OBIEE) enterprise platforms, like Benjamin Franklin we believe that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

EmeraldCube Oracle BI managed services provide proactive monitoring and systems management, staffed by a team of Oracle BI industry recognized professionals. When problems occur, we provide SLA-based guaranteed response times and targeted issue resolution windows with help desk tiered support escalation. More importantly, we take a kaizen continuous improvement approach to your enterprise BI system to proactively prevent issues from ever occurring.

Leveraging our proactive monitoring tool EmeraldPrism, EmeraldCube BI managed services deliver log file analysis and maintenance, threshold based server performance monitoring with alerting along with mobile application access. These capabilities empower and equip our BI support desk, and your internal IT team to receive real-time views of CPU, RAM, I/O, disk usage and sever load metrics to ensure system stability.

Regular Oracle Critical Security Upgrade patching and compliance by our team ensures your OBIEE system is safely locked down. Our Usage Tracking model provides better insight to consumption and performance of dashboards, analyses, reports as well as scheduled agent jobs to make sure the BI environment runs optimally.

Since one size does not fit all, we provide multiple support options with no lock-in clause. We believe we have to continuously earn your business and trust; unlike that aggravating cell phone provider you may deal with regularly.

Call or drop us a line today to learn more about how EmeraldCube Oracle BI Managed Services can focus on the BI system support and maintenance challenges so you and your business can focus on doing what you do best — making your business succeed.