Business Analytic Project Services implementations of Business Analytics require a special blend of technical skills, business experience, vision, and leadership. Falling short in any one of these areas can lead to an insufficient solution with low user adoption rates, so the importance in picking the right partner cannot be understated.

Our Business Analytics team consists of driven individuals that are passionate about what they do. In addition to having the required technical expertise and experience with our tool sets, our consultants also provide value in the development of relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to your business.

Since our solutions are made specifically for JD Edwards, you can rest assured that our consultants bring a deep understanding of JDE functionality and data structures to the table, helping to ensure an efficient implementation. We are experts in your primary data source.

Our team is made up of consultants that can assist you with applications that leverage either Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite (OBIFS), or our own EmeraldVision SaaS based solution. We can help with implementations of EmeraldCube pre-built applications, upgrades of Oracle BI tools, or ad-hoc projects that require custom development.

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