Dev 101 Part II: Debugging A Business Function In Visual Studio

Hello! In Part I of this blog, we walked through setting up a project in Visual Studio, so a business function can be “Debugged”. Refresher: Debugging is running an app, UBE or Business Function (code) through a tool that allows the developer to see the logic and calculations take place, line by line, in real […]

Dev 101 Part I: Setting Up a Business Function Debugging Session In Visual Studio

As a Senior Managed Services Developer, I find myself in this sort of conversation all the time with my Apps teammates: “Mike, can you figure out why X won’t work?” “I’ll need to run that in debug to be able to see what is going on.” “Can you just look at the code and get […]

Outbound Interoperability and R00460 – Playing Detective

Welcome back, Friends of the Cube!  Those of you that have been reading our blog since the beginning may remember a post back in 2014 by my CNC counterpart (and best buddy) Chris Bullock, entitled “Subsystem Jobs in a Wait State”.  Chris had discovered a buildup of subsystem jobs in a customer’s F986113 table, and […]

Feature Authorizations 2 – The Saga Continues

Back in August, the last time someone let me write the EmeraldCube blog, it was a long one.  In fact, that’s a bit of a joke almost everywhere I go: if assigned to write, present, document, etc., I will most assuredly far exceed the designated time allotment or word count.  It’s a blessing and a […]

Feature Authorizations

This week at InFocus, I presented a session titled, “Keys to the Techno-Functional Vault – JDE Resources for New Analysts/Power Users”.  I was so happy to see the response – a full room, all sorts of questions, and people saying, “Thank you!  I NEEDED this.”  I know you did, friend, because I did, too.  Full […]

Your EnterpriseOne Applications: Better, Stronger, Faster

As I took my first tour of duty at the EmeraldCube Collaborate booth a over a month ago, I fielded a lot of questions from JDE friends and colleagues about EmeraldCube Application Managed Services. In those face to face situations, I was able to answer their questions while communicating my enthusiasm about EmeraldCube and our […]