Feature Authorizations

This week at InFocus, I presented a session titled, “Keys to the Techno-Functional Vault – JDE Resources for New Analysts/Power Users”.  I was so happy to see the response – a full room, all sorts of questions, and people saying, “Thank you!  I NEEDED this.”  I know you did, friend, because I did, too.  Full […]

EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1.5

Oracle has just announced the availability of EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1.5! This is a groundbreaking update for the EnterpriseOne system on the technical side, as also includes changes for the end user which will help them to interact with the web client even more easily than before. First lets dive into the user experience. With this […]

Why the Name EmeraldCube?

As we were launching our company over a year ago, one of the most important decisions we made early on was our company name. For those of you who have done this or have been involved in a similar exercise, this task is a bit intimidating given the importance as well as the endless number […]

A Kscope14 Review: Better Late Than Never!? (Ok, that’s debatable…)

So, I’m behind…I always feel like I’m pretty behind. In college I actually kept a small bottle of Heinz Ketchup on my desk (Sealed and unopened. Geez, I don’t need ketchup on-demand at my computer; what kind of a slob do you think I am anyway!?). Anyhow, the ill-fated idea at the time was that […]

JDE Security – Closed vs. Open (part 3)

This is the last part of my JDE security blog series. On part 1, I presented an overview of the most popular security implementation approaches, on part 2, I talked about Open Security Model and on this third and final part, I will cover the Closed Security Model, in particular the Application and Action security […]

Subsystem Jobs in a Wait State

Recently during an audit of a client’s system that had just gone live on JDE 9.1, I discovered there were 22,000 records in the F986113 on a waiting state (screenshot below). The client had not complained about UBEs not running and I had not found any subsystem jobs setup during the initial investigation of the […]

What’s new with JDE Tools Release 9.1.4

JD Edwards Tools 9.1.4 was released in December of 2013, and the following is a highlight of some of its enhancements. A more detailed list is available on the Oracle Documentation site, available HERE. New iPad application The JDE iPad application has been in the market for a while and although Oracle has released small bug […]

Turn Your JDE Data into Dollars

Customers spend a lot of money on tools and consulting services to implement and maintain aesthetically pleasing dashboards, however something critical seems to be lost in the BI value proposition: dollars to the bottom line. In recent years, I have seen countless implementations of on-premises BI applications that take months just to get the tools […]

Automating Oracle Weblogic Startup for JD Edwards on Linux

Looking around on the web, I have seen many different methods of starting Weblogic and its components on Linux.  Like most technical problems, there are many different ways to automate Weblogic startup.  Some methods involve more complexity than many companies need or want, so I decided to share a simple and reliable approach I have […]

JDE Security – Closed vs. Open (part 2)

While providing an overview of Open Model security in part 1 of this blog, I gave some examples of why an Open Model configuration is often selected, and ways it is implemented. In part 2, I will go into deeper details and provide some examples of how Open Model security configuration is used with JDE. […]