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EmeraldPrism: Enhancing JDE E1 Monitoring & Alerting for the 21st Century

EmeraldPrism is a stand-alone application built exclusively for EnterpriseOne, which enables JDE System Administrators (CNCs) to monitor, alert, and report on all facets of the EnterpriseOne technical foundation.

For many years, CNCs have lamented over the lack of visibility and limited automation capabilities delivered with JDE E1. The level of introspection needed to effectively manage JDE E1 requires large amounts of time to be put into pulling technical details from logs, kernels, web tier, and the database.

EmeraldCube has rectified this situation with EmeraldPrism. Originally designed for use with EmeraldCube’s Managed Services customers, EmeraldPrism aims to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing the CNC administrators to spend more time fixing issues and improving performance. By automating things like log parsing, job monitoring, web user testing, technical purges, file cleanup, resource monitoring, and best practice comparisons, we have been able to dedicate more time to resolving issues and improving performance on customers’ systems. EmeraldPrism has not only allowed us to reach new levels of stability for our clients, but it has also reduced the effort required to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Due to the popularity of EmeraldPrism with our Managed Services team, many companies began asking if they could purchase EmeraldPrism outside of our Managed Services offering. We now offer EmeraldPrism to customers that already have a CNC managing their environment. This allows them to take advantage of the benefits of the toolset that had previously been offered to only our Managed Services customers.

Since the inception of EmeraldPrism, other tools have started to emerge in the marketplace to assist CNCs with everyday activities. None of these offerings are as comprehensive as EmeraldPrism. If you are a CNC or work with one, please contact us today at info@emerald-cube.com to arrange a product demo or to request a best practice report for your JDE E1 environment.

The EmeraldCube Team Attends Collaborate 14

collaborate14Last month, EmeraldCube had the opportunity to attend Collaborate 14. This educational conference helps users of the full family of Oracle business applications and database software to gain greater value from their Oracle investments. As an Oracle Gold partner, EmeraldCube has now participated in the event for two years, since its business inception in January 2013.

Through the vendor showcase and various networking opportunities, the team was able to talk to hundreds of JD Edwards’s users. This was useful in educating the audience about the products and services offered by EmeraldCube, and it also helped the team gain better insight into how clients are currently utilizing JDE.

“We were really pleased with the event as well as the attendance. Not only were we able educate the audience about EmeraldCube, we are also able to learn from the attendees about the unique opportunities within the JDE market,” said Todd Chromzak, partner EmeraldCube.

EmeraldCube also hosted four educational sessions throughout the event. Marcelo Tamassia presented two sessions; JDE E1- CNC System Administration Best Practices and Tools Release Upgrade Tips and Pitfalls. Craig Kelly had a session on how to Turn your JDE Data Into Dollars (featuring our EmeraldVision SaaS based BI solution) while Jeremy Harms presented What your Parents Didn’t tell you about OBIEE 11g Hierarchies. Together, we had over 300 attendees at our sessions!

Collaborate 14 was a huge success for EmeraldCube. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

Cloud Based Business Analytics for JD Edwards: EmeraldVision

The Business Intelligence (BI) solutions currently available to JD Edwards customers are expensive and difficult to implement, troubleshoot, and maintain. From installs and upgrades, to administration costs and hardware investments, the maintenance of a BI solution is a daunting and expensive task that provides little value to the business.

EmeraldVision, our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based BI solution pre-built specifically for JD Edwards clients, proves that not all BI solutions are created equal. With EmeraldVision, there’s no hardware, no software, and no upgrades…EVER. And best of all, EmeraldVision requires no initial capital investment and is offered at a low monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time.

Join us on Thursday, June 5 at 1:00 pm EST, as we discuss how EmeraldVision can help your organization increase profits and grow your business. Seats are limited so register today.

A Successful Partnership with Measurable Results

aclara-logoAre you running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and looking to significantly increase your system optimization? Are you interested in lowering company costs and becoming more efficient? Aclara Technologies, LLC, recognized their need to improve their performance and save money on servicing their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP system and partnered with our team at EmeraldCube Solutions to make this a reality.

Find out how EmeraldPrism, the first comprehensive monitoring and alerting tool built exclusively for JDE E1, has increased uptime and optimized performance for Aclara. Send us an email at info@emerald-cube.com and we’ll share our case study with you.

Incorporating Unstructured Data with EmeraldVision

Requirements for great analytics sometimes reach beyond the traditional relational data source. In some cases, you might want to include valuable insights that are contained within unstructured data from social media, text, parsed logs, or email. This month, our blog post addresses just how easy it is to incorporate unstructured data using EmeraldVision, our SaaS based Business Intelligence solution:


Team Member Spotlight: Marcelo Tamassia

This quarter, the team member spotlight focuses on Marcelo Tamassia, Partner of EmeraldCube Solutions. Marcelo, who has over 18 years of experience in the industry, worked as a system administrator, network administrator, DBA, and developer for many years, before joining JD Edwards in Brazil. While at JD Edwards, he participated in numerous large-scale multinational projects prior to moving to the United States in 2004. After establishing himself in the U.S., Marcelo took a position to lead a technical consulting practice for an established Oracle Partner and later, in 2013, started EmeraldCube Solutions.

Today, at EmeraldCube Solutions, Marcelo is the resident technologist, Java developer, technology consultant, firefighter, and the appointed “grill master”. Marcelo enjoys the talented group of people he has the opportunity to work with each day, as he strives to reduce the complexity and cost of IT while maximizing business value to EmeraldCube customers. He believes that EmeraldCube Solutions truly provides a differentiated set of products in the industry.

When not working directly with customers, you will find Marcelo in the EmeraldCube office, pouring his soul into his position as “resident technologist”. Otherwise, you will find him strumming strings of his acoustic guitar or his tennis racquet… ACE!