EmeraldFocus Newsletter – May 2015

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New Release of EmeraldPrism: User Interface and Features Unveiled

Last month, we launched a new release of EmeraldPrism, our proactive monitoring and alerting tool built exclusively for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. This is a major differentiator in the industry for EmeraldCube, as we are quickly approaching 100 footprints globally. EmeraldPrism now offers 9 modules including the advanced JDE Log Monitoring and the popular Industry Best Practices. The new release delivers significant improvements across all modules, as well as a brand new module for Business Services Server (BSSV) monitor, which provides visibility of BSSV health through a number of alerts and notifications.

The new EmeraldPrism release provides access to all reports and alerts via a secure, responsive, and intuitive Web User Interface. These are just a few of the highlights of the new release of EmeraldPrism. If you’re spending too much time on JD Edwards management with fewer resources, and are looking for a continuous improvement approach to proactively improve stability and availability, look no further than EmeraldPrism.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule a demo, info@emerald-cube.com.

EmeraldCube Expands Offerings with Application Managed Services

EmeraldCube Solutions takes pride in listening to clients and the market, crafting solutions based on need. Our Managed Services division was offering Technical and Business Intelligence Managed Services, and as demand grew, it became necessary to provide a solution. We launched the Application Managed Services practice in Q1 2015, and the response has been outstanding. JD Edwards users are challenged each day to make their interaction with the software better, stronger and faster. This can be achieved through Application Managed Services.

Application Consultants provide value to customers in three distinct ways: Elimination of Ongoing Issues – Often, small software problems place low on the priority list due to resource allocation and availability of workarounds. Over time, this can cause manual processing, increase in exception handling, and work slowdown, as well as decreased user satisfaction. ECS Application Managed Services Consultants are adept at finding the root cause of these small but bothersome issues, and recommending solutions to resolve them quickly. Extending Your Team – In today’s technology landscape, the goal is usually to do more with fewer resources. But what happens when a spike in workload causes a resource shortage? By utilizing the ECS Application Managed Services team, with a quarterly bucket of hours, customers can be sure they have access to knowledgeable experts that function as a seamless extension of their own team. Process Improvement R&D – Most JDE companies have an enhancement list, or a small project list. These are items that can save time and money, but require research/testing and must compete for resources with large projects and production support. ECS Application Managed Services Consultants will take that list and the associated research and design tasks, and deliver tested, documented results.

Whether you choose to focus on tasks in one of these areas, or all three, we’ll work with you to create the Application Managed Services plan that fits your business. Contact us to learn more, info@emerald-cube.com.

#EmeraldCubeCares: STEM Career Day in Atlanta

On Friday April 3rd, our Director of Business Intelligence, Jeremy Harms, had the honor of presenting to two 9th grade classes at Carver Early College High School in south Atlanta. The event was for their annual career day, with this year’s focus on STEM careers, or jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. According to Jeremy, “I really thought I might go in there sounding a bit like a broken record about the importance of STEM. I live it every day – so the value of STEM is second nature in my technology career. I was absolutely blown away as to how eye-opening the entire presentation was for the kids.”

Jeremy spoke about his career in business intelligence and data science, and what it looks like to deliver insights to business so they can make better decisions about how they should run. Then he shared the importance of learning to code, providing a short video from Code.org and discussing the Vine City Code Crew, an initiative he founded to teach coding and technology to youth in under-resourced communities. He then discussed supply and demand and how it relates to the spike in technology career needs – a trend that doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon. “I gave them an analogy I hoped would resonate.” They talked in terms of a latest-and-greatest video game system that comes out for the holidays. “I asked: ‘What happens when there’s not enough of the game consoles available and a ton of people want them?’ to which they all nearly yelled in unison ‘The price goes UP!'” To which Jeremy responded, “As an engineer in technology, you’re the game console. And the employers are the buyers willing to pay that high price.” That seemed to get their attention.

In addition to great pay, tech careers are so much more – creativity, challenging problem solving, amazing colleagues and flexibility. “All these benefits are embodied in who we are at EmeraldCube, so I was able to share with them first hand what it means to have a rewarding career where you’re not physically bound by a set time or predetermined space to do a particular job.”

The day was a huge success and rewarding for everyone involved. “It’s truly an experience that I hope to do more; it was so fun to see these kids light up about something I am so passionate about.” And the kids seem to think it’s an important message as well… They’ve already asked Mr. Gordon when Jeremy is coming back to class.

Team Member Spotlight: Chris Bullock

This quarter, the team member spotlight focuses on Chris Bullock, Senior Technology Consultant at EmeraldCube Solutions, who has over 15 years of experience in the industry. After working with UPS and Eastman Kodak as a Field Engineer, Chris turned his sites on becoming a network engineer in the JDEdwards arena and has been building his knowledge of CNC ever since.

At EmeraldCube Solutions, Chris works with the Managed Services team to troubleshoot technical issues for clients, while maintaining all aspects of JDEdwards functionality and providing outstanding customer service. Chris is an invaluable asset to the team, with his laser focus on details and knowledge of the JDEdwards product that he supports. Chris is driven by the challenge to stay on top of the continual changes that happen from version to version in the JDE software, while creating a better position in the Managed Services industry for EmeraldPrism.

Although Chris is usually busy supporting the team at EmeraldCube Solutions, you can also find him in the dugout or on the football field cheering on his two sons. Want another cool fact? Chris is also the current President of the Greater Gwinnett Baseball League which is comprised of 100+ travel baseball teams ages 9 to 14… Batter Up!

Capital Asset Optimization Analytics

Join us for our upcoming webinar on Thursday, June 11 at 1:00 pm EST. We’ll explore the business value of optimizing the preventive maintenance of your capital assets, and the real dollars that it generates. During this webinar we will:

  • Demonstrate Capital Asset Management Analytics with EmeraldVision, sourcing data from JD Edwards and EmeraldSensor
  • Explain the ROI from CAM based analytics
  • Review and discuss top CAM KPIs
  • Review and demonstrate CAM Analytics with EmeraldVision

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn more about CAM and how EmeraldCube can support your business. Reserve your spot today, as seats are limited: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/429320074346401026