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Optimizing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in the Cloud

Many organizations are considering migrating more and more of their applications to the cloud as they look to lower the total cost of ownership and add flexibility to their businesses. The cloud allows for customers to quickly scale their server resources to align with what is needed for use today, while easily adjusting to future requirements. Leveraging the cloud also means that employees can be freed from maintaining servers, and no longer have to procure new servers over time. A cloud infrastructure also reduces the upfront capital investment of a project due to the subscription basis of the resources consumed.

So what does this mean for the future of ERP, and more specifically, what does this mean for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne? JD Edwards is architected as a cloud optimized ERP solution, so if nothing else, customers now have viable options to stay on-premises with their instance of JD Edwards, or take it to the cloud. And if they decide to migrate to the cloud during their next JD Edwards upgrade, customers can now capitalize on the opportunity to add flexibility, improve performance, and lower the total cost of ownership.

With EmeraldCloud from EmeraldCube, you can upgrade and migrate to the cloud with little disruption to your business. With EmeraldCloud, you can quickly implement JD Edwards and experience:

  • Smaller capital investment
  • Accelerated implementations
  • Reduction long term costs and downtime
  • Minimized business disruptions
  • Increased security and decreased risk

If you’re considering moving to the cloud, let EmeraldCube be your guide. Our team of 100% certified Oracle experts is experienced at deploying JDE E1 applications in the cloud, while providing the proper innovation to make your organization succeed. To learn more, email info@emeraldcube.com.

Collaborate16 Proves to be a “Transformative” Experience

If you were lucky enough to attend Collaborate16 in Las Vegas, you’re most likely now in the post-Collaborate phase…reviewing tons of notes from education sessions, sifting through business cards from networking opportunities, and most likely digging through a mountain of emails you received while you were away. For those of you who weren’t able to make it, we’ve created a quick summary of “hot topics” from the event:

9.2 Upgrades

Whether you’re preparing for an upgrade or deciding when and how to upgrade, Collaborate16 provided tons of useful information. For those of you who are utilizing JDE E1 versions 9.0 or older, an upgrade should be in your imminent future. From absolute obsolescence and lack of support from Oracle, to the inability to access new capabilities and putting your organization at risk, there are many reasons why upgrading to version 9.2 is highly beneficial. If you have version 9.0 or newer, you’re not out of the woods. Upgrading to version 9.2 will allow for your organization to stay current, leverage new capabilities, and maintain a streamlined and simple upgrade process. And don’t forget, the longer you wait, the riskier and the more your organization could pay to upgrade.

If you’re interested in learning more about 9.2 Upgrades, sign-up for our free online Cubeology learning course. You’ll receive a series of 6 courses covering key 9.2 Upgrade topics, delivered via email: https://www.emeraldcube.com/cubeology/


The discussion of cloud computing was a key area of focus throughout Collaborate16. Questions surrounding what will drive cloud growth and how our landscape will change were touched upon throughout the event. A few fast facts and predictions which were shared:

  • 80% of production applications are headed to the cloud
  • Security will move from a barrier to cloud adoption to one of its main benefits
  • Digital disruption will force companies replace the last era’s IT systems, including ERP
  • IT’s focus is shifting from support to innovation thanks to the automation of cloud
  • 100% of development and testing is moving to the cloud
  • Cloud systems will provide an alternative to built-it-yourself big data

Many forward looking organizations are looking to go cloud-based in 2016. This more personalized approach with data visualizations and simple access, will give business leaders the insight at the speed they need to focus on innovation. If you’re considering moving to the cloud, let EmeraldCube be your guide. Send us a note, we’d welcome the opportunity to chat about your needs: info@emeraldcube.com


An issue which has been addressed for many of us personally, but not at the forefront of our minds when discussing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, is fraud. As we learned at Collaborate16, fraud in America is a major concern with over $3.7 trillion dollars lost annually by businesses around the world. And unfortunately, this number is growing. Many companies have invested in fraud prevention tools, but few companies have proper fraud detection mechanisms. Research has shown that proactive data monitoring and analysis is the most effective fraud detection solution, reducing loss by up to 60%.

EmeraldCube has developed FraudPatrol, a solution built specifically for JDE E1. FraudPatrol proactively detects and alerts suspicious transaction activity by closely monitoring JDE production data. The solution focuses on securely detecting issues and notifying designated personnel within the organization when breaches occur, proactively stopping fraudulent activity before it’s too late.

FraudPatrol utilizes transaction monitoring and sophisticated pattern analysis techniques along with log mining, to proactively detect, flag and notify auditors and controllers of any suspicious business activity. To learn more about FraudPatrol, visit www.emeraldcube.com/fraudpatrol/.

Collaborate16 was a huge success for the EmeraldCube team. We hope that your journey was transformational and has successfully prepared you to optimize your JD Edwards user experience! We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Cubeology: Online Learning on Your Time

Are you a JD Edwards user looking to become more knowledgeable about new features? Do you find it challenging to find time in your day to attend scheduled webinars and training sessions?

Cubeology email courses from EmeraldCube provide the JD Edwards technical and functional educational insight you need on your schedule. Created specifically for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users, Cubeology email courses are free and delivered to your inbox, providing the latest tips and tricks for maximizing your user experience. The course content comes in a concise easy to read format so you can get what you need and get on with your day!

Our introductory email course covers the new features and highlights of JDE E1 release 9.2, as well as upgrade project tips and tricks. We’ll provide educational tools and resources over a series of 6 bi-weekly emails, helping your organization to recognize the benefits of v9.2 and the case for upgrading.

In June, we will be launching a new course which will cover CNC Best Practices.

Sign up today: https://www.emeraldcube.com/cubeology/

RUGs – Who, What and Why

Regional User Groups (RUGS). What are they? Who attends? Why do people attend? These are common questions people ask when they hear about RUGs. As with any “optional” meeting, some have never attended while others would never miss a meeting. So, where do you fit in and why are they important?

Let’s get started by defining a RUG. A RUG is a gathering of people, in a select part of the country, that come together to learn as a group. They take place all over North America and most of them meet multiple times a year. Each RUG meeting kicks-off with a keynote speaker who opens with a topic of interest to the JD Edwards community. From there, breakout sessions take place where customers and vendors alike, share best practices on hot topics, innovative products and services, and enjoy round table discussions. It’s a great way to gather useful information from peers.

Who attends RUGS? Anyone and everyone. No set titles, no set companies, and no set job functions. RUGs are intended to bring people together to learn in an environment with others who have similar concerns, questions, and knowledge. Most RUGs release an agenda in advance and put together sessions that cover a wide variety of topics for people who are technical, functional or technical-functional users. Remember, anyone can attend!

Last but not least why attend? Have you ever had a question and wondered if you were the only one dealing with it? Have you ever wondered if you were going about certain tasks and processes the right way? Do you want to know what’s new in JDE? RUGs often provide the answers to these questions through roundtable discussions and breakout sessions, by sharing information between vendors and peers.

There are many valid reasons to be a part of your local RUG. Expanding your personal network, improving your JDE knowledge, and brushing up your JDE user skill set, are just a few. Whether you’re a seasoned RUG veteran or a newbie who’s just taking the plunge, we hope to see you at an upcoming RUG! To learn more, visit www.questdirect.org

Team Member Spotlight: Jeff Brown

This quarter, the team member spotlight focuses on Jeff Brown, Business Intelligence Consultant at EmeraldCube Solutions. Jeff began his career in customer service, and over four years ago moved into the Information Technology space with a specific focus on OBIEE and Business Intelligence. At EmeraldCube, Jeff is responsible for supporting existing BI customers as well participating in active implementation projects. As he works with clients, he puts a special focus on training end-users to be comfortable with self-service and automated reporting. “The tools available today can be very powerful when used correctly,” says Jeff. “EmeraldCube provides innovative solutions which enable people to understand their data and explore new ideas to grow their businesses.”

Jeff enjoys the culture at EmeraldCube and continuously finds himself being impressed by the talent, knowledge, passion and dedication demonstrated by his peers.

And talk about dedication and passion! When not working with the EmeraldCube team consulting on Business Intelligence, you can find Jeff in his local “box” doing Crossfit. In fact, he’s so talented with his burpees that he’s becoming a competitive Crossfitter!

Uncover Fraud Sooner – Proactive JD Edwards Fraud Monitoring

Fraud in America is a major concern, with over $3.7 trillion dollars lost annually by businesses around the world. Proactive data monitoring and analysis is the most effective fraud detection solution, reducing loss by up to 60%.

FraudPatrol from EmeraldCube Solutions, is the first and only proactive fraud Monitoring solution designed exclusively for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. The solution proactively alerts auditors and controllers on suspicious system and data changes within JDE E1, specifically within the Human Resource and Accounts payable modules. FraudPatrol leverages advanced analytics and sophisticated algorithms to detect, flag and alert on suspicious accounts payable, CNC, and Payroll transactions.

Please join our webinar on Monday, June 6 from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST, as we discuss the how FraudPatrol can help you expedite your next audit while decreasing liability and risk.

Register today, space is limited: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3353205174982776579