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EmeraldSensor Achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

On August 13, 2015, EmeraldCube achieved Oracle Validated Integration of EmeraldSensor v1.0 with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1. Emerald Sensor is a product and platform that can enable JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers to harness the power of sensors and the Internet of Things. The EmeraldSensor platform is an end-to-end solution, from hardware to analytics, which allows sensors and PLC’s to be connected and integrated directly with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

To achieve Oracle Validated Integration, Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set of requirements that are based on the needs and priorities of the customers. The sensors collect data in virtually any environment, providing real-time data that can be accessed 24/7 by the user. The data collected through EmeraldSensor can help increase uptime of manufacturing systems, reduce manufacturing errors and expenses, and improve efficiency and profits.

“We are very pleased to have achieved Oracle Validated Integration of EmeraldSensor,” said Marcelo Tamassia, Partner, EmeraldCube Solutions. “Our team developed this end-to-end solution form scratch and we are already seeing firsthand the positive impact it is having for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers. The Oracle Validated Integration further recognizes for our customers the validity of the integrated solution.”

In addition, EmeraldSensor is validated by Oracle to work natively with the JD Edwards IoT Orchestrator. To learn more, visit www.emeraldsensor.com.

INFOCUS 2015: JD Edwards User Event A Success for EmeraldCube

infocus-2015-imgThis past month, the JD Edwards INFOCUS conference was held in Denver, CO. The event draws one of the largest industry crowds of end or power users of JD Edwards, all gathered to learn about the latest trends and tools for JD Edwards while networking with key players within the space.

The event was a huge success for EmeraldCube, as our team presented eleven education sessions and participated in various special interest groups, including the Tech SIG and EAM SIG. Our booth in the vendor showcase provided the perfect opportunity for individual demos of EmeraldPrism and EmeraldSensor, all while keeping our five fish alive in our EmeraldSensor fish tank.

We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth to learn more about our business solutions and who attended our educational sessions. A special congratulations goes out to Debra Hufendick from Havi Global, (pictured at right with Chris Bullock, Senior Technology Consultant at EmeraldCube Solutions) who won an Apple Watch from EmeraldCube as part of Questopoly.

For those of you who we missed at INFOCUS, we hope to see you at Collaborate16 in Las Vegas! In the meantime, please visit us at emeraldcube.wpengine.com or visit http://emeraldcube.wpengine.com/infocus2015-presentations/ to download presentations from our various educational sessions. See you in Vegas!

JD Edwards E1 Feature Authorizations

In the modern technology world, self-service and ease of use are king. People control home thermostats with a simple phone application, order food without talking to a person, and have their favorite shampoo shipped to their doorstep every month. In business environments, ERP systems are catching up to this concept of simplification and configuration, and Oracle is leading the charge with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
Oracle has begun to release applications that make it easier for analysts and power users to configure JD Edwards system functionality via applications, instead of some technical tool that functional users cannot access. E1 Pages, BI Publisher, CafeOne – they’re all configurable by analysts using a web client. Another great example of this new strategy is the Feature Authorizations functionality, which controls the UI features like Auto Suggest, UDC Drop Downs, Hover Forms, and Change Confirmation. Although the application comes with some of the features predefined and already enabled, its power lies in understanding how to change or update them, to really boost their capabilities. 
Features must be defined via the P958973 application before they can be enabled and used within applications. JDE is shipped with some of the features already defined and associated to a data item or an application. For example, Auto Suggest is already configured for the AN8 – Address Book number, as JDE_ABAutoSuggest. An auto-suggest business view V0101AS is associated to the feature. Auto Suggest views are specifically created to use within Auto Suggest, with limited columns. When enabled within a form, simply typing the first few characters of a name will search the entire Address Book, and return a list of possible matches.  The more you type, the more it narrows the search. 
Once features are defined within Feature Definitions, they can then be enabled or disabled in P958974 Feature Authorizations. Again, Oracle has provided a powerful application for power users and analysts to turn on these features, without package builds or technical tools. The Feature Authorizations are specific to an environment, and can be enabled for a user, a role, or *PUBLIC. Then, they can be narrowed further to certain Forms, Objects, or even Product Codes. 
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is releasing more and more configuration applications designed to boost usability and personalization of the JDE experience. By developing applications to control configuration, JD Edwards empowers process owners and functional analysts, and relieves developers and CNCs from administration of features that fall within the functional realm. Learn more about Feature Authorizations, including an easy Auto Suggest configuration example, in our blog.

Little Rapids Seeks Solution to Optimize and Improve Business Performance

Little Rapids Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets products that promote safety and sanitation within the medical and beauty settings, and specialty papers for a variety of end-use applications. A JD Edwards EnterpriseOne user, Little Rapids looked to EmeraldCube Solutions to enhance the usage of JD Edwards, seeking a solution to further pinpoint and track specific outputs of machines and devices within their manufacturing facility. Download our case study to learn how implementing EmeraldSensor produced successful results. Download Case Study

Team Member Spotlight: David Roberts

This quarter, the team member spotlight focuses on David Roberts, Business Development Manager at EmeraldCube Solutions. David began his career in the Health Care industry, consulting dentists and doctors on business management skills. From there, he moved into the JD Edwards support industry as a Business Development Specialist and has been working within this space ever since.

At EmeraldCube Solutions, David focuses on developing leads and nurturing partnerships while supporting the marketing functions of the organization. His goal is to help JD Edward users understand the key benefits of the products and services which EmeraldCube provides. David enjoys the opportunities and challenges he faces each day, along with the friendly atmosphere and driven attitudes of his teammates.

For all you baseball fans… If you were at the Braves vs. Washington Nationals game in 2010, you may have been lucky enough to see David throw out the first pitch! When not hitting home runs for EmeraldCube Solutions, you can find David playing softball or at his church where he’s an active member.

The Internet of Things for JD Edwards

Join us for our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, September 29 at 1:00 pm EST. We’ll explore how the Internet of Things is being used with JD Edwards and why your organization can benefit from exploring implementing IoT. During this webinar, in collaboration with Oracle we will:

  • Define the current opportunity and landscape of IoT
  • Introduce JD Edwards IoT Orchestrator
  • Discuss how EmeraldSensor works natively with JD Edwards IoT Orchestrator
  • Review the key benefits of implementation

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn more from Oracle and the architect of EmeraldSensor, on how IoT for JD Edwards can positively impact your business. Reserve your spot today, seats are limited: Register Now