EmeraldFocus Newsletter – September 2016

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EnCrypto: JDE Encryption. Done Right

Data breaches make headlines, putting companies in a bad light. Yet JD Edwards has no native data field encryption capabilities to enhance data security. With developers, system administrators and DBAs all accessing data, you need JDE encryption to keep sensitive data, including HR/payroll data, secure. The good news is, EnCrypto has you covered.

What is EnCrypto?

EnCrypto delivers JD Edwards encryption capabilities with military precision. The only JDE application-level encryption solution on the market, EnCrypto features:

  • JDE sensitive data protection with military grade encryption (AES)
  • Column-level transparent data encryption for all platforms supported by JDE
  • Data that is stored encrypted on the database (encrypted at rest)
  • Fine-grained control over who has access to decrypt which fields and columns

Why Choose EnCrypto?

Traditional database-level encryption does not account for data classes or specific user entitlements, with limited ability to be selective, so encryption and access controls are an all or nothing proposition. Not so with EnCrypto, which allows for field-specific encryption and granular user access control.

JDE data security concerns? Not with EnCrypto, protecting your most sensitive data fields with JD Edwards encryption.

JDE encryption. Done right. Schedule a demo of EnCrypto today, info@emeraldcube.com

Think JD Edwards is Dead? Think Again, INFOCUS Proves It’s Thriving

For those of you who were lucky enough to attend INFOCUS in Denver, CO, earlier this month, you were able to witness firsthand that JD Edwards is continuing to thrive. From educational sessions and networking opportunities, to a jam packed vendor showcase and super sessions, the JD Edwards community gathered once again to discover and share JDE best practices.

If you weren’t able to attend, check out our blog for quick review of the key areas of focus: http://www.emeraldcube.com/2016/08/think-jd-edwards-is-dead-think-again-infocus-proves-its-thriving/

EmeraldCube Sponsors SIG Experience Week JD Edwards Day

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are the heart of the JD Edwards community. EmeraldCube, along with Quest International Users Group, is excited to bring to you the 2nd annual SIG Experience Week to be held October 18 – October 20, 2016. This FREE virtual online learning event will feature keynote sessions, hot-topic education and networking through open discussions. SIG Experience Week is open to all customers in the Quest community, not just SIG members.

EmeraldCube is excited to be the exclusive sponsor of JD Edwards day which will take place on Tuesday, October 18. During JDE Day, Marcelo Tamassia from EmeraldCube, will be presenting, “Prevent JD Edwards Sensitive Data Breaches” from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm EST. In addition, during the Cross-Product day on Thursday, October 20, Jeremy Harms, Director of Business Intelligence from EmeraldCube, will be presenting, “What’s New in OBIEE 12c, and Why Oracle BI Will Continue to Dramatically Improve” from 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm EST.

If you’re interested in broadening your JDE knowledge, this event is a do not miss. Learn more and register today http://www.questdirect.org/content/view/SXWRegistrationForm

Team Member Spotlight: David Williams

This quarter, the team member spotlight focuses on David Williams, Senior Technology Consultant at EmeraldCube Solutions. David began his career in the JD Edwards space in 1998 while attending Colorado Christian University. His first interaction with the software was on the Financials implementation of OneWorld. During the 15 years following his introduction to JDE, David wore various consulting and CNC hats as he continued to expand his knowledge and relevancy within the industry. In 2013, David joined EmeraldCube, where he is an integral part of the CNC Projects team. He handles the CNC scope of tasks respective to EnterpriseOne new installation and upgrade projects, as well as migrations to new hardware.

David enjoys working with his “seasoned but not prideful” CNC colleagues and working in an atmosphere which encourages idea sharing and support. He is proud to provide superior customer service along with his teammates, whom collectively share a great depth of knowledge and JD Edwards experience. David is motivated by working for a company which is “always striving to ensure exceptional quality in products and flexibility with industry changes.”

When not working with the CNC Projects team on a new install or upgrade, you’ll find David with his wife and children, or playing his bass guitar at his church where’s he’s an active member. Fun Fact: When David was 7, he met astronaut Michael Collins (Apollo 11) at the Smithsonian. 3… 2… 1… Blast off!

Prevent JD Edwards Sensitive Data Breaches

Sensitive data residing in JD Edwards E1 is currently sitting unprotected on your servers. No matter how good your security controls are, most likely, your database and system administrators, as well as your CNC and developers, have ways to access the sensitive data. Additionally, if your systems are compromised, hackers can also easily obtain access to your sensitive data and before you can react, your data could be circulating in the internet.

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, October 11 from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST as we discuss how to protect your data with military grade encryption and prevent breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information stored in JD Edwards E1. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/53693927651481092