EmeraldFocus Newsletter – September 2017

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INFOCUS 2017 Highlights

The INFOCUS 2017 conference, presented by Quest International Users Group, was held this past month in Denver, CO August 14 – August 16. During this three day deep-dive event specifically for the JD Edwards community, our team led ten education sessions and participated in numerous panels and discussions at various Special Interest Groups.

Throughout the event, our team attended a number of educational sessions gathering new insights and the latest JD Edwards product information from Oracle. A few key messages which we’ve identified as highlights:

  • E1 Search Group Updates
  • Notification/Action Framework – still in lab, but concept is to take the watch lists and send notification outside of the system, most likely using Orchestrator
  • Object Usage tracking
  • New performance tips for newer products
  • Impact analysis improvements
  • Server Manager improvements including mobile app

Much of the focus continues to be on upgrading JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to 9.2 and migrating to the Cloud. With EmeraldCube’s JDE as a Service offering, you can upgrade to the current release of JD Edwards E1, or migrate from JDE World to E1, while also moving to EmeraldCube’s Managed Cloud offering powered by Amazon Web Services. And once you are in the Cloud, you can enjoy all the benefits of EmeraldCube’s best in class products and JDE managed services. Get started today!

If you missed INFOCUS and would like to download one of our presentations, please visit our website at https://www.emeraldcube.com/case-study-presentation-cnc/.

Cube University: Bright Minds, Bright Futures

As a rapidly growing company, continuing to hire qualified and experienced JD Edwards candidates to match our pace of growth is a non-stop challenge. As a result, we’ve instituted an approach to build our future stars through an internal mentoring program, learning directly from some of the best JDE experts in the industry here at EmeraldCube. Earlier this year, we kicked-off our internal program, “Cube University,” more commonly known as simply “Cube U”. At Cube U, we are growing our own internal JDE support experts of the future in the areas of CNC technology, functional applications and business intelligence. Students of Cube U (known as “Cube U’ers”), undergo an intensive multi-month, formal in-class and lab focused, hands-on curriculum. Upon completion of their courses, Cube U’ers roll onto their teams to begin a season of shadowing and live participation alongside experienced Cube mentors.

The first ever Cube U entrants were hand picked from a large applicant pool of engineering, computer science and technology graduates from Georgia Institute of Technology in our very own backyard of Atlanta, Georgia. After a progressively difficult multi-week round of interviews, the last standing applicants made the final cut. With a second-to-none internal wealth of JDE technical knowledge and talent at EmeraldCube, Cube U is an internally crowd sourced endeavor of education, training and lab instruction. The Cube U’ers glean from some of the best in the business, led by EmeraldCube founding partner Marcelo Tamassia, and our all-star team of JDE experts. By the looks of it, the careers of our Cube U’ers – as well as the future of EmeraldCube – are as bright as ever.

Regional User Groups: What, When, Where and Why?

It has been a very busy year for the JD Edwards Community. From COLLABORATE and INFOCUS, to RUGs across the nation, JDE educational opportunities are in abundance. If you haven’t participated in your local RUG or are unaware of what a RUG is, read on.

A RUG (Regional User Group) is a one-day event located in the continental U.S., where JD Edwards Customers come together to learn and share best practices and user experiences. They are informational and accessible for everyone, regardless of your role or title. It’s a great place to learn from your peers and attend education sessions presented by both Vendors and JDE Customers. Generally, if you are struggling with a JDE challenge, you are not alone, and this forum often can help you find the solution. Similarly, if you’ve had a JDE success story, it’s the perfect platform to share your case for future learning!

EmeraldCube has attended a number of RUGs in 2017. The team started at the Packerland User Group in Wisconsin, followed by the Houston User Group. From there, we attended the Southern California User Group and then the Tri-State User group in Cincinnati. So far this year, we have covered 12 RUGs, and have 8 more on the calendar before the end of the year.

If you live in any of the following areas, be sure to check out your local RUG. We will see you there:

  • Tri-State User Group
    October 20th
  • Lancaster, PA RUG
    October 24th
  • Packerland User Group
    October 26th
  • SE RUG
    November 2nd
    November 16th
  • Houston User Group
    December 7th
  • Southern California User Group
    December 14th

Team Member Spotlight: Terri Jackson

Terri Jackson, Vice President of JDE Consulting at EmeraldCube Solutions, has over 26 years of experience in the industry and has been working with JD Edwards software since the late 1980’s. Terri began her career developing and implanting software, before she was hired by a partner to manage the JDE Support Line for Legacy World product. From there, her role quickly expanded in Project Management, including the Managed JDE practice including sales, solution consultants, functional, development and CNC.

In her role at EmeraldCube, Terri is responsible for managing the Projects team and providing support to the Sales team. She enjoys working with an extremely focused group of JDE professionals and shares in the passion which transcends the entire organization for serving customers. The varied projects which she works on each day, as well as the different types of customers she is able to interact with, keeps her energized and inspired.

Terri is proud to work with a team of incredibly talented people who work cohesively together and go the extra mile for their customers. When not working at the Cube or traveling to support customers, Terri enjoys cooking, football and spending time with her family and grandson.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 Upgrade Workshop

Please join EmeraldCube and our partners for our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 workshop which will be held in Industry City, CA on Thursday, October 26, 2017. During the workshop we will cover both technical (CNC) and functional topics, and will demonstrate the new features in 9.2.

Workshop Discussion Topics
Types of E1 Upgrades and Benefits/Challenges of Each
Creating a Business Case to Get Your Project Approved
Simplified vs. Traditional Method of Retrofitting Customizations
iLearn ERP: Training Strategies for Project Team & End Users
Cloud vs. On Prem – Pros/Cons
ALLOut Security: Establishing a Best Practice Security Module
User Defined Objects and UX One Overview
Leveraging Technology – Mobile, IoT and Cloud

We hope you can join us for this comprehensive JD Edwards Upgrade Workshop event.
Register today to reserve your seat. https://www.emeraldcube.com/webinar-calendar/.