EmeraldPrism: Enlightened JDE Monitoring

JDE CNC Instability has Met its Match

System instability. It eats away at the pit of your stomach on a daily basis. What you need is a way to predict the future – a crystal ball. Better yet, EmeraldPrism.

What is EmeraldPrism?

EmeraldPrism JDE CNC monitoring gives you the power to predict, prevent, and proactively manage problem areas for improved system performance and uptime. Seeing the early warning signs before there’s a crisis puts you in control.

Why EmeraldPrism JDE Monitoring?

  • Built from the ground up, specifically for JDE E1 customers – no “me toos” here
  • Continuous no-hassle improvements trump messy updates any day
  • Alerts across technologies: SMS, voice, email with customized escalation
  • Specific action items identified to improve future JDE CNC stability

A little short-handed? Talk to EmeraldCube about our Managed Service JDE Monitoring to give you all the benefits of EmeraldPrism without tying up your own IT staff.

Seeing is believing. Schedule an EmeraldPrism demo today.

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