EmeraldSensor FAQS

1) What hardware is actually used by the sensor?

We leverage open-source commodity boards for the sensors. The actual board used will vary depending on the application, the environment, and the type of sensor.

2) How does the sensors handle connectivity and communication?

Our sensors can communicate wirelessly thru standard WiFi, Bluetooth, and RF.

3) How does the platform handle mobile machines/sensors, which are not always in network range?

EmeraldSensor platform includes a robust machine-to-machine communication architecture that guarantees the delivery of the sensor data by storing data locally and only transferring when within network range (store & forward).

4) For customers using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, how are the analytic dashboards accessed?

Dashboards can be embedded directly inside applications, using CaféOne and E1 Pages. Additionally, dashboards can be accessed directly via browser and mobile app.

5) Do we need training to understand the analytics that will be provided via the dashboards and reports?

No, the dashboards are intuitive and answer very specific business problems so no training is necessary.

6) Who services the EmeraldSensor if it were to fail or if there were issues with the hardware/device?

Although we can service the sensors, it is often cheaper to just replace them so most of our customers carry a small inventory of spare sensors available in case something happens with a live sensor.

7) Are there limits to the types of equipment within our organization that the EmeraldSensor can be attached to for data collection?

Although there are no technical limits to the solution, every situation is different so please contact us.

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