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Data breaches make headlines, putting companies in a bad light. Yet JDE has no native data field encryption capabilities to enhance data security. With developers, system administrators and DBAs all accessing data, you need JDE encryption to keep sensitive data, including HR/payroll data, secure. The good news is, EnCrypto has you covered.

What is EnCrypto?

EnCrypto delivers JD Edwards encryption capabilities with military precision. The only JDE application-level encryption solution on the market, EnCrypto features:

  • JDE sensitive data protection with military grade encryption (AES)
  • Column-level transparent data encryption for all platforms supported by JDE
  • Data that is stored encrypted on the database (encrypted at rest)
  • Fine-grained control over who has access to decrypt which fields and columns

Why Choose EnCrypto?

Traditional database-level encryption does not account for data classes or specific user entitlements, with limited ability to be selective, so encryption and access controls are an all or nothing proposition. Not so with EnCrypto, which allows for field-specific encryption and granular user access control.

JDE data security concerns? Not with EnCrypto, protecting your most sensitive data fields with JD Edwards encryption.

JDE encryption. Done right.

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