EmeraldCloud FAQs

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Q1. Is EmeraldCloud secure?
Yes – We take security very seriously in all layers of our solutions, starting from the hardware all the way to the processes and people governing the systems.

  • EmeraldCloud is a JDE E1 cloud solution built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), so we inherit their state-of-the-art physical data center security.
  • Our servers are protected by multiple firewalls in addition to strong multi-layer authentication.
  • All data transfers are made using key-based authentication and strong data encryption.
  • Finally, we employ comprehensive platform monitoring, as well as policies related to change and incident management.

Q2. What is the advantage of an off-premise E1 cloud solution like EmeraldCloud?

  • Ease of implementation
  • Unlimited scalability and agility-freedom from traditional IT constraints
  • No capital expenditures are involved because it’s an off-premise solution
  • Cost predictability over time
  • Relief from burden of on-going JDE management/maintenance

Q3. Is EmeraldCloud a scalable JDE Edwards cloud solution?
Yes, our E1 Cloud solution is built on the top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), so you can seamlessly scale up with no adverse impact on performance, unlike on-premises solutions.

Q4. What is involved in moving JDE to the cloud?
The one-time set up is typically completed over a 1-month period and includes the following:

  • Create a virtual private network (VPN) and private Windows domain, giving you a unique URL for signing on.
  • Provision virtual machines, update and configure the operating system, and install, update and configure the database server.
  • Create and configure network security groups and firewall rules and set up JDE instance including database, enterprise, web, and development machine.
  • Install tools release and planner ASI, configure the JDE E1 9.X environment, building and deploy packages and perform surface tests and readiness assessments.
  • Configure the backup and availability schedule, and set up and configure monitoring tools – server monitoring and EmeraldPrism proactive CNC monitoring.

Q5. What’s included in EmeraldCloud Support?
We provide proactive monitoring, maintenance and support that encompasses the infrastructure and network, operating system, databases, all JD Edwards E1 system administration, and backups, as well as a flat fee for on-demand support and requests 24×7 under a service level agreement (SLA).

Q6. How do I pay for it?
EmeraldCloud provides a cost-effective JD Edwards cloud computing solution. There is a one-time set-up fee to initialize the service (Managed Cloud, Cloud Services and Migration Services), and a predictable fixed cost on a quarterly basis.

Q7. Is it true that I never have to deal with JDE upgrades again?
That’s right. Because this is a JDE SaaS cloud solution, we manage upgrades and enhancements without you ever having to be involved.

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