It started as an idea called Plan B, a conversation about building a company that would delight its customers with top notch people, processes and tools. The conversation became a vision: to eliminate the hassle of maintaining technical and analytical solutions for our customers. The team was small, initially – just the three partners. EmeraldCube started in a dusty garage known as “The Bunker”, where we spent a chilly winter. Our first customer mailed us our first dollar bill, a symbol that moved with us when we vacated The Bunker in favor of our sleek new office space, where it still hangs today.

Over time, the team expanded, and the three partners became 60+ teammates. Our products portfolio for JDE also developed from one tool, EmeraldPrism, to a suite of tools including fraud monitoring (FraudID), data encryption (EnCrypto) and business analytics (EmeraldVision). Our customer base increased each month, and continues to grow, as we support 130+ customers globally today. We look forward to maintaining that growth and momentum. But we always remember where we came from, and every day, we strive to embody that original idea – to delight our customers with our world-class team and tools.