On-Premises FAQs

1) How does this solution differ from other on-premises BI applications?

Unlike other BI applications, our solutions are made specifically for JD Edwards. We support all JDE releases and databases platforms.

2) What ETL tool do you use?

We use an open-source (cost free) java based ETL tool that is more flexible and powerful than most commercially available ETL products.

3) Can I migrate my on-premises solution to the cloud when I am ready?

Absolutely. We deliberately designed our ETL logic to efficiently deliver to an on-premises target data warehouse, or securely to the cloud. If you ever choose to make the switch, there are no technical barriers holding you back.

4) What reporting and dashboarding tools do you leverage for your on-premises solutions?

Our solutions are built using Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite (OBIFS).

5) What’s included in your on-premises application?

A pre-built data warehouse with the correlating mappings to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) your JD Edwards data. We include a metadata layer that enables the BI capabilities, as well as a set of pre-built metrics, reports, and dashboards to serve as a starting point.

6) Can we choose what database platform we want to use for our Data Warehouse?

Our Data Warehouse can reside on Oracle or MS SQL Server database platforms.

7) Can data outside of JD Edwards be added to the Data Warehouse?

Yes. Our Data Warehouse consists of a strong foundation with properly structured star schema that you can continue to extend. Our ETL tools can access data from any type of database or flat files, so there are no limits as to the data sources that you can integrate.

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