EmeraldPrism FAQs

JDE System Monitoring | JDE Alerts | CNC System Administration

Q1. Which JDE releases are supported? What about tools releases?
All post B7332 EnterpriseOne application and tools releases are supported.

Q2. Which platforms are supported?
EmeraldPrism supports all platforms supported by EnterpriseOne. The product itself can be installed on any Linux or Windows machine.

Q3. What are the technical requirements?
Linux or Windows. 1 CPU core, 2 GB of memory, and 20 GB of disk.

Q4. Where is EmeraldPrism typically installed?
Most of our clients install it on the deployment server.

Q5. Can it monitor JDE Scheduler?
Yes, JDE system monitoring includes monitoring the scheduler server to make sure jobs are being launched per schedule.

Q6. Will it replace my CNC resource?
Absolutely not. EmeraldPrism was designed to make CNC system administration more effective and efficient.

Q7. Can it be integrated with my Helpdesk system?
Yes, EmeraldPrism JDE alerts support automatic ticket creation via email.

Q8. How do I pay for it?
The product is sold on a monthly subscription basis.

Other questions about CNC system administration, JDE system monitoring or JDE alerts with EmeraldPrism? Contact us to learn more.