Your EnterpriseOne Applications: Better, Stronger, Faster

As I took my first tour of duty at the EmeraldCube Collaborate booth a over a month ago, I fielded a lot of questions from JDE friends and colleagues about EmeraldCube Application Managed Services. In those face to face situations, I was able to answer their questions while communicating my enthusiasm about EmeraldCube and our […]

Dunk Tanks, Dead Fish, Clever Ribbons and Tie-Dye

After just returning from my first trip to Collaborate15, I feel energized and enthusiastic about the JD Edwards community and the spotlight which shown brightly on EmeraldCube. The week was jam packed with educational sessions, exhibitor showcase hours, parties and events. Each one provided a unique opportunity to learn about the needs and challenges facing […]

Unsolved Mysteries

Running a business is complex, time consuming and sometimes, uncertain. With so many pieces to the puzzle, from employees and customers to operations and sales, it can often be difficult to pinpoint what’s driving the success of a business and what is the cause of less than satisfactory results. There are many unsolved mysteries in […]

5 Reasons for EmeraldVision

When we originally set out to create EmeraldCube Solutions, our focus was to provide better analytics without the hassles associated with IT. After kicking the tires of multiple BI toolsets, it was clear that the GoodData platform was the perfect option that could completely bring our vision to reality. Our exclusive partnership with GoodData enabled […]

Incorporating Unstructured Data with EmeraldVision

Requirements for great analytics sometimes reach beyond traditional relational data sources. In some cases, you might want to include valuable insights that are contained within unstructured data from social media, text, parsed logs, or emails. This information may, for example, supplement traditional sales or CRM related data, or be used to capture events or alerts […]

Turn Your JDE Data into Dollars

Customers spend a lot of money on tools and consulting services to implement and maintain aesthetically pleasing dashboards, however something critical seems to be lost in the BI value proposition: dollars to the bottom line. In recent years, I have seen countless implementations of on-premises BI applications that take months just to get the tools […]

Business Intelligence vs Operational Reporting vs Financial Reporting (part 1)

The seemingly endless number of reporting and analytical options that exist for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers can leave decision makers confused about what they need, and when to use which tool. To help navigate this confusion, I will be writing a 3-part blog that focuses on some specific business requirements, and the tools that best […]