A Kscope14 Review: Better Late Than Never!? (Ok, that’s debatable…)

So, I’m behind…I always feel like I’m pretty behind. In college I actually kept a small bottle of Heinz Ketchup on my desk (Sealed and unopened. Geez, I don’t need ketchup on-demand at my computer; what kind of a slob do you think I am anyway!?). Anyhow, the ill-fated idea at the time was that […]

What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You… (About OBIEE 11g Presentation Hierarchies!)

So it’s been just over a week since I presented during the *optimal* [cough, cough] speaking time of 8:30 Friday morning on the last day of Collaborate 14 in Las Vegas. For those of you who were brave enough (or just hungover enough!?) to show up, I thank you. But I do also have to […]