EmeraldVision FAQs

JDE Business Intelligence | SaaS Based Business Analytics Solution

Q1. What hardware is required?
All that is required is one machine with at least 2GB of RAM to place the data extraction tool. Everything else is taken care of in the cloud.

Q2. Are there any required perpetual software licenses to purchase?
No. EmeraldVision is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS based) business analytics solution, so there is no upfront capital expenditure, only a simple monthly subscription.

Q3. Is it true that I never have to deal with upgrades to update the application?
That’s right. Because the SaaS based application resides in the cloud, regular enhancements are made to the platform, seamlessly improving the end user experience without your involvement.

Q4. Can data outside of JD Edwards be added to EmeraldVision?
Absolutely. We encourage adding external data sources to your data warehouse to give you a more complete view of your data, fully leveraging this JDE business intelligence tool. EmeraldVision includes a cloud based pre-built data warehouse for JD Edwards, but it doesn’t have to stop there. It’s more than capable of incorporating third-party data sources such as spreadsheets, databases, flat files, API’s and more.

Q5. What source databases are supported?
All of the databases supported by JD Edwards (World and E1), in addition to any other JDBC compliant databases are supported.

Q6. Is EmeraldVision secure?
Yes – We take security very seriously in all layers of our solutions, starting from the hardware all the way to the processes and people governing the systems. Our Data Warehouse is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace Cloud, so we inherit their state-of-the-art physical data center security. Our servers are protected by multiple firewalls in addition to strong multi-layer authentication. All data transfers are made using key-based authentication and strong data encryption. Finally, we employ comprehensive platform monitoring, as well as policies related to change and incident management.

Q7. How fast do reports and dashboards render?
The abundance of CPU, memory, and disk resources available in the cloud, combined with the platform’s Advanced Query Engine (AQE) allows users to enjoy rapid retrieval of reports and dashboards.

Q8. Is EmeraldVision a scalable business analytics solution?
Yes, it will scale regardless of your dataset size and number of users. You can seamlessly add as much information to the data warehouse as you require without having to procure additional hardware to support it. And since our JDE business intelligence solution is subscription based, adding new users is no problem at all, and has no impact on performance like on-premises solutions.

Q9. How frequently can data be loaded?
As frequently as your network bandwidth can support. Most customers require data to be loaded upon the completion of JD Edwards’ nightly processes, but the loads can be set to run as frequently as desired.

Q10. Do I need to be on a specific version of JD Edwards?
No, we support all previous and future versions of JD Edwards, including World software.

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